Poem: "The Eyes Have It"

CC image by Lan Bui via Flickr

The Eyes Have It
By: Eve Estelle

Through a murky window it appears I look;
A small glimpse into another's mind.
Through them I can find sincerity,
But no soul is an open book.
There are things you'll find,
There are feelings we hide,
Hidden away in every cranny and nook.

Though we try our hardest to convince with words,
It is that which is unspoken that tends to persuade;
Vocalization is only one part of conversation,
And your silent response is how they're swayed.
When next you speak, notice your movements;
The way you stand, the way you walk,
Where are your hands? Do you gesture when you talk?
Your emotions are conveyed through speech and action;
An awareness of these brings ease to interaction.

But there's one more thing that's most important;
The intimate connection between a pair of eyes.
Sparkling bright or fiercely mad,
Those lively orbs will confess your lies.
But though they reveal what you attempt to hide,
They'll often show what you feel inside.
A hint at how you work, a window to your heart;
A glance can mean the world,
Even to souls who've drifted apart.

The eyes have power;
They show piercing emotion,
Just as well they create it.
The eyes can inspire fear, sympathy, sadness, suspicion,
They can spark romance, compassion, and happiness, too;
Kindle a flame, or resist what is true,
From anger to love, the eyes revive our ambition.

Author's note: This work is marked to be rewritten. It will probably be a while before I can get to it, but this came out as one gigantic mess of a poem that severely needs a second attempt. Thanks for bearing with me! ;)

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