Have an Idea? Inspire Me!

Hey! I need your help! Yes, you!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been running low on new ideas for poems and stories. I am in dire need of inspiration, and who better to get that from than all of you?

Do you have an awesome idea that you'd love to see written down as a poem or short story? I don't care how big or small or stupid you may think your idea sounds; I want to hear it! You can leave a comment and tell me about it, or, if you'd like to do it anonymously, you can use the form below to submit your idea.

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By the way, I'm always up to hearing suggestions - this isn't anything new! Feel free to drop me a message anytime. :)


  1. You know what I've really liked lately? Writing based on real life, your life. Write a story that's not your life exactly, but maybe something you wish happened to you, or something about the social behaviour of all the people around you. Sum up your life's knowledge into a story.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Stories like that are often very relatable - it's easy to see why you'd like those kinds of things. That's a very interesting idea, M! Thank you. I will definitely see what I can do with that!

      It may be a little bit before I get something related to your idea written down and published, but keep an eye out - it's added to the lineup and I'll have something eventually. Thanks again :)

  2. Pick a RANDOM topic of something you love. (Music, Writing, Roses, Beaches, etc.) Write a paragraph about that topic for about 3 minutes. Afterwards, pick nine words out of the paragraph you wrote. After you pick those nine words, form a poem using them. Don't worry about if it rhymes or not. Just let your creative juices flow, Hope this helps! :)

    1. That's a great idea! Definitely helps. :) I will keep that in mind and work on making something like that. Thank you, Quayla!


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