Poem: "Nightsong Serenade"

Nightsong Serenade
By: Eve Estelle

Hush, and the wind will whisper
Tales of the night, it will tell
Of the creatures that stir
And the world that wakens
When the earth is bathed in silver;
Rest now, sleep -
Fear not the eternal dark,
The stars will light your way;
Among the dreamers walk,
Let this soothing song be thine,
And like the tide that glistens,
Be calm, be strong, be mine.

Author's note: This was a simple one that was originally planned to be in Spanish. I couldn't figure out the correct translations for certain parts, though, so I kept the simplicity but stuck to English. I had already spent a while trying to write the Spanish version, however, so I finished up what I could and have included it below:

Silencio, y el viento susurrará
Los cuentos de la noche, dirá
De las criaturas que mueve
Y el mundo que despierta
Cuando la tierra está bañada en plata;
Descansa ahora, duerme -
No tema la oscuridad eterna,
Las estrellas illuminarán tu camino;
Entre los soñadors pasea,
Deja esta canción relajante [be yours],
Y como la marea que reluce,
Tiene calma, tiene fuerte, sé mío.

As always, if you happen to be a native Spanish speaker or are fluent in the language, please feel free to let me know about any mistakes and how I can go about fixing them! ☺ I have most likely butchered it, but hopefully less so than my last two.


  1. Lovely, as always!! <3 So sorry I haven't replied to your email yet...I'll do it soon! :)

    1. Thank you, and no worries! :) I hit a wall with that Christmas poem anyway; I'm still working on it, but I've not made much progress lol. So just whenever you're available - no rush!

  2. Really like this one, Eve! Simple & sweet! ^.^

    1. Glad to hear it, Quayla! :D It was a fun one. One thing that's nice about attempting to write in a language you're learning is that it makes you keep things simple - which, if you're like me, can be really, really hard otherwise lol!


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