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Poem: "A Gift of Lilacs"

A Gift of Lilacs
By: Eve Estelle

A placing of sweet lilacs
Upon your headstone, angel,
Rest in union among kindred;
Eternal vigil shall be kept
Above, both for you and I --
Be free; be free from pain,
In peace now forever lay.

Author's note: Dedicated to my aunt, who passed in early October. My heart goes out to anyone who has dealt, is dealing, or may in the future have to deal with cancer or a cancer-affected loved one. It's heartbreaking to watch someone go through all that. Never stop fighting. Hugs to you survivors!

There's no special symbolism to the lilacs here. It was just a type of flower we picked from home and brought to my aunt one day while she was still up and kicking.

I normally don't add in songs to go along with pieces (although maybe I should!), but this came on while I was writing, and it felt fitting. :)


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