Poem: "It's Not How We Fall"

It's Not How We Fall
By: Eve Estelle

Forgive yourself and fellows,
When footing has been lost;
One's fall from grace is torment,
The second has a cost;
Of flesh and blood you still remain,
Yet own your every err;
Accept the past you cannot change,
Confess that you were there;
Set right the things that tend to slip
Post-stumble, fall, or break;
Mend the wounds with loving hands,
That none are left to ache;
Lucid men are forged in fire,
Adepts are those who learn --
Without trial, sans blunder,
Success is not of our concern;
Decay takes to dusty wings,
But is down truly ever out?
Arise, for failure comes to those,
Only those, who sit and lie in doubt;


  1. I like this. And I like the words highlighted in bold.

    1. The bolded words are like steps in a process! I like 'em, too. Glad you enjoyed, a.n.g! :D

  2. This was exceedingly beautiful, not to mention a great reminder that our worth isn't defined by our mistakes, but how we react to them. <3

    1. Precisely! :) We're all human, we all err eventually; none of us are perfect. The only thing that matters is that you don't let your mistakes defeat you -- let them make you wiser! And better. And stronger. It matters more when, if, and how you stand after a fall, rather than the fall itself...

      Thanks, Kathryn!

  3. Beautifully written poem. I feel like this poem is a combination of talking about forgiveness but also learning from your mistakes and I really love it. It flows together so nicely.

    1. It most definitely is a combo of those! :) It's hard sometimes to forgive, especially yourself, after something happens.. But it's necessary to move on. It's all pointless, however, if you never learn from it!

      Thank you, Raney! I'm glad it flows well; I wasn't quite sure about the end half... :D


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