Poem: "Inked Magic"

This poem was transformed into a song by Simplelife.
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Inked Magic
By: Eve Estelle

It starts with a thought,
A burst of inspiration;
Written in ink,
A magical creation.

Blank pages for now,
We start at the beginning;
Every tale has a story,
It's only befitting.

The mind of a writer
Is one that sees within;
Once a passion is found,
Work can begin.

Sit down, sit down,
It has to be right;
Don't wait for a writer,
They'll be up all night!

Of heart and soul
These words are born;
Drafts discarded,
And papers torn.
Observe closely,
The writer's pen;
It burns with fire,
Again and again.

Finally, at last,
The pen has fallen silent;
The writer sits back,
And takes a final glance;
A book lay before him,
Finished and complete;
Little does he know,
He's achieved a great feat.

One little spark
Is all that it takes;
Electrify the mind,
See what it makes.


  1. I don't know any writer neither do I pretend I know what a writers life is like but this really helps me understand.Amazing work! :)

    1. Ah I'm glad it gives you a little more insight. :) But I must say that you are a writer yourself! This poem might not describe your life, but you have a blog that you obviously enjoy and put a lot of work into—the way I see it, that makes you as much of a writer as anyone else. Thank you, Neal!

  2. I haven't written a book yet,but i write stuff and sometimes i don't sleep at all,true,all it takes is a spark and you never know when you'll stop :)

    1. Ah, I use a book as an example here, but exactly, it doesn't matter if you write 2-word poems or 500 page books; a passionate writer will want to work until it's done. Or at least until they run out of ideas for the night lol. Do let me know if you ever write a book, though—I would love to read it!

    2. That's swert of u to say,but i don't think i'll write a book,i'm bad at imagination,i can only write about how i feel about certain things and poems but not stories :)

    3. You could still write a book involving one of those areas! Perhaps you could write something about your time blogging. You could even make a simple compilation of all the posts you've made! A book is what ever you want it to be. :)

  3. Oh my god how happy I am I got to see your writing! This is amazing:)) really.
    Do you ever ad melodies to you poems? Really feel like singing this "song" (I sing a lot)!
    Thank you for your comments to my thought earlier that made me see your world in here.

    1. Awe, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! You know what, I don't, but I have thought about it. However, I likely wouldn't be able to create my own melodies most of the time, so it would have to be existing songs created by others. Which would still be neat, but I would have such problems deciding which song to use! lol. Plus copyright issues.

      No problem, you have a great little blog there. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! :)


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