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Poem: "Zephyr Blades"

CC image by Andreas Wienemann via Flickr

Zephyr Blades
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Masquerade"

CC image by Vann Cœuru via Flickr

By: Eve Estelle


The Infinity Dreams Award

Nominated by Faith P.

So, it's nighttime here right now. Every time I write one of these up in the dark hours of the day, I'm always very tempted to say, "Good night, everyone!" But that just doesn't work. I mean, am I greeting you for yet another new post, or bidding you all a goodnight and sweet dreams?

I definitely need to figure out something to use for my nighttime posts. Or just a new greeting in general. Many blogs give fun, relevant nicknames to their readers - perhaps I could start calling you all "Night owls"? (No? Too cheesy? Maybe something more unique and oddballish then. Like.. "Ravendears." Because you're all so dear to me! And, you know, ravens. Gotta add that Poe touch, right?)

...Or I could just steer clear of names for the time being. Let me know what you think, will you? :)

Anyway, on with it, on with it. The fabulous Faith of Stories by Firefly went and nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award, and so I owe her a big thank you! Thanks so much, Faith. I really do appreciate the thought!


Poem: "Nightmare Bell"

CC image by Anshum Mandore via Flickr

Nightmare Bell
By: Eve Estelle