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Poem: "The Revelers of Mischief"

The Revelers of Mischief
By: Eve Estelle


The Rising Authors Tag

Hi all, how are you this fine morning, day, or night? (It's currently 2:30 in the A.M. here as of writing this, so I beg your pardon if I start to ramble or just stop making sense completely.)

The lovely gal over at The Depth Of My Faith, Allie Taylor, invented a new and interesting tag recently, called The Rising Authors Tag, and she so kindly added my name to her list. Thank you. Allie! :) I truly do appreciate the thought.

Also, if you've not been to this girl's blog before, make sure to stop by sometime - she hosts a weekly writing contest with some great prompts each week, and she's just completed her first book, Jewel Of China.

Alright, I've got a delicious cup of honey lemon tea here that's bound to put me to sleep, likely mid-sentence, but let's get to work, shall we? 


Cover Reveal: Nightfall, My Upcoming Poetry Collection!

Hi there! I have some very exciting news to share with you today - an announcement and reveal that I've been dying to make public here for several weeks (can you imagine how hard that was for me? Being such a trigger-happy poster, and not being able to tell you all something like this? Agh, it was torture!).

I probably shouldn't be doing this yet, really. I don't have a ton of juicy details. But I do have a few, and I'll just end up blurting them out in the comments section eventually anyway. So, I'm doing it. Case closed. Don't hate me.

Eeeee! So much excitement! Let's get into it.




Poem: "Carvings in the Trees"

Carvings in the Trees
By: Eve Estelle