Update (10/20/21): Focusing on other life priorities at the moment! Miss it here dearly. Contact me if you need anything! :) Thank you!


Changes Are On the Wind...

 Updated with a little more info and a few final Twitter comments!


Well, hi there!

Very short and sweet today. But I thought I'd drop by and give a hint or two that there are some major changes coming...

It's been a beautiful, exploratory ride. It truly has been.

And it isn't over. My desire to write and publish, and to take the knowledge I've gained over the last 7+ years of working on Edge of Night, is returning with a vengeance. I want to get back into it, and maybe do even more with it. Things that I didn't have the resources to do before.

However, it won't be here. And it won't be under this name.

I want to start fresh. I've changed quite a bit since first starting EoN, and choosing the pen name Eve. (I always disliked my choice of last name -- Estelle -- anyway.). And my next steps are going to reflect some of those changes.

I'll be starting out with the same goals I had in mind for EoN. A simple place to grow and experiment. But I'm also keeping in mind a slightly bigger picture as well. 

I'm excited to see where it goes. And I truly hope to see some of you there with me.

You've been amazing. I truly appreciate your support.

Still working on details. Still getting things set up.

I'm going to finish Nightfall before I dive deep into anything else.

That is going to serve as my relic collection of older works. It has more of a purpose than it did before.

I must get my life in order before committing to anything for sure, and it may be a while from now. But the blog isn't going anywhere until then -- most new content will be saved for the future, but I'll still be working in the background. Stop in and say hey if you ever feel like it!

I sincerely hope this post finds you well, in life, family, health, and everything in between.

Thank you all for everything.



I was suspended from Twitter a while ago (no idea why lol) and finally appealed to get my account back. Didn't care until I needed to change some settings and realized I couldn't -- but now that it's back, I will be making my account private, eventually deactivating it when I feel I have everything I need off of it. Thank you to everyone who followed along during my Twitter events, rambles, and rants! It was fun. Wonder where we'll go next?


Magnificent Seven -- Seven Years of EoN!

...And perhaps the last.

Hm. Too soon to say on that one, but I do feel a major change is approaching!

More on that later...

Hello, hello!! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Especially considering that my last post here was this blog's 6-year anniversary... Bad Eve.

That one was late, too, but at least I did better this time around lol.

I've missed it here, dearly! I have. I still find myself writing every so often, bits and pieces... But I can't quite seem to finish any of them. Even ones that I've had going for years (honestly, especially not those!). I have no lack of material, and finding time to sit awhile and think, or even just a few minutes to jot down a few words here and there -- isn't really an issue. I've been doing plenty of the former, and I think that's where my problem lies; I've been thinking about a lot things, too much. Too much rattling around in there to feel anything concretely, and certainly it leaves me mentally exhausted after a while. I don't want to do anything

Except, I do... And I don't.

It's complicated. And it sucks. Come onnn, figure yourself out. *bonks self on the head* 😏

Life, huh? Now that thing can get complicated.


Past the Halfway Mark -- 6 Years in the Blogosphere!

Over a month late, but at least it's out. Happy birthday, Edge of Night!

Well howdy ho!

Long time no see, eh? How have you all been? Ignoring the massive, flaming dumpster fire that is the world at the moment, I hope life is treating you as well as it possibly can. It's been an absolutely...


It's been a year. We'll just go with that. It's been something of a special year.

And in that year, I've missed being here dearly -- this blog was, for several years of my life, a big part of me. And, because of that, it will remain a part of me for the rest of my days... in whatever capacity that may be, from an active hobby and place to share and practice, to the pleasant memory of a place that allowed me to grow, hone my skills a little, and find a little bit of myself. It, and all of you along the way (because I wouldn't have made it this long without your lovely interactions), have surely earned a special place in my heart.



5 Years in the Blogosphere -- Half a Decade!

That should say "Oct. 8, 2014," not 2015, but y'know. My bad.

Did you know I had to check at least three times how many years ago it was that I made this little blog of mine?

Guys, I'm losing track already. WTF. That's how long it's been.

Much has changed over these wonderful five years. Heck, many of you that I first exchanged blog links with, during my early days, many are gone, now -- or on your way out. Which I get, 100%. It's a lot of time, energy, and effort to run a blog... No matter how casual you are about it. And, eventually, you may find yourself drifting away from your online world, to focus more on your personal life. Passions come and go.

(Who knows, maybe some of you will return to the blogosphere in the future. I'd certainly be happy to see ya!)

I'm feelin' it, too. It's pretty obvious from how inactive I am these days. But, despite posts that are few and far between, I still love writing here. Whenever I get a burst of inspiration, this is still where I head.

Sadly, I've not been around to pay visits to my fellow writers and blog buddies, but I'm still here...

I've taken a much more relaxed, whenever-I-get-to-it approach to this since my efforts had begun to be directed elsewhere. Unfortunately, that means that, at times, I don't have anything new out for months... But it has also kept me going. Kept me from getting burned out.

I will, hopefully, reenter into a more active phase again, sometime... Till then, thank you for sticking around. :)

Ready to hear what's been going on 'round these parts as of late?