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Midget Monday #2

And it's Monday once more!

Today I bring you the second edition of my weekly Midget Monday posts, and it's even on the correct day this time. (If you happened to miss the last one, I had published it on a Wednesday.)

What is Midget Monday?

Midget Monday is a weekly post containing one micro-poem (~6 lines or less) and one "micro" story (~300 words or less). Poems and stories may sometimes share a theme, but will usually be two random, mismatched topics. I may also build more upon any of the poems or stories that I use in these posts, so you might see these (or something similar) again in the future!


Poem: "Calm Among the Storm"

CC image by Crouchy69 via Flickr

Calm Among the Storm
By: Eve Estelle


Midget Monday #1

Yes, I'm aware that it isn't Monday. I'm not sure whether to call that a blessing or a shame.

But I've been in the mood to write some micro-fiction and micro-poetry lately and, as I've mentioned before in my comments section, I try to avoid posting super duper tiny posts because I feel like I'm shorting you when it comes to content. So, I thought I'd follow the format I've been using for my Poetic Pictures posts, and bring you one micro-poem and one very short story per week, every (you guessed it) Monday. How does that sound?

(Of course, today is an exception because I am a trigger-happy poster and have an extremely difficult time waiting to publish something that I could very well post today.)

So. Without further ado, I present to you: Midget Monday!


Get Creative, Be Inspired!

Background image via www.layeredtrust.com

Workspaces are too often overlooked, don't you think? We're quick to say that our lack of productivity is being caused by mere laziness or a severe case of the Mondays. And, oh yes, to a point that's exactly what's causing it. We all have those off-days where you just can't get anything done. And sometimes Mondays are just terrible and you feel like they should be wiped off the face of the calendar. But Monday plagues us only one day of the week. What's the problem for the rest of it?

When it comes to workspaces, I'm pretty adaptable. I'm not picky about where I do my things. I drift around the house and into whichever room sounds best at that particular moment, making use of the couch, a random desk, or my bed.

There are a few things I've noticed, however, that really spark my creativity into gear and make me feel as if I can suddenly create anything at all. And that's what a workspace should do for you - you should enter that room and feel ready to go. Inspired. Here are a few things that do that for me (and do keep in mind that I said I'm not picky. You might see some very different ideas here).


Poem: "The World Keeps Turning"

The World Keeps Turning
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Small Thing"

Small Thing
By: Eve Estelle


September 5th Q&A Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in my live Twitter session tonight! I wasn't expecting many questions, and so there were more than I expected. But it's amazing to me that I even had the opportunity to do something like this. Never thought I'd host something like a Q&A and have have very few cricket moments.

Below you can find a recap of the main points of the Twitter session. Past that, you'll find the additional questions that were submitted via the form in my previous Q&A post. Enjoy!


Poetic Pictures: September 2015

Image via Pexels.
Quote by Rachael Bermingham.