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Random Words Challenge

Challenge Accepted!
Nominated by Faith

Gooooood morning/day/evening/night, everyone!

I apologize for posting a bit less than usual lately, but I'm working to get each new piece out as quickly as I can, and I so appreciate your patience. Also, I'm running low on poetry and story ideas—if you have something that you think would make a great little piece, I'm all ears!

Alrighty, so I've been kindly nominated by the lovely Faith over at Chosen Vessels for the Random Words Challenge. I'm absolutely fantastic at being random, but terrible at it at the same time. This should be interesting. A big thank you to Faith, and here are the rules of the challenge!

Random Words Challenge

  • Paste the random words picture (above) onto your blog post.
  • Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list that you answered) and tag a few random people of your choice (if possible, say why you tagged them! Be original and nonsensical in your question-creativity—make the blogging world a cheerful place). 
  • Write down three facts about yourself and make one of them WRONG. Let your commenters guess which one is false (and, after a while, tell them in the comments).
  • Answer the questions of the person who tagged you—make it all super random and interesting.

My Three Facts (Can you guess which one is false?)

#1 I really hate taking notes.

#2 I love spicy foods.
#3 I have a large circle of friends.

Comment below and see if your guess was correct! I won't directly tell you yes or no, however, until I receive at least.. oh, maybe five responses. Happy guessing. :)

Faith's Questions:

#1 What is your favorite animal and why?

Too hard for me to pick a favorite animal, I think. But I've always had a love for horses. :)

#2 Do you enjoy writing? If so, what do you like to write and when did you start writing?

Of course! I've been writing off and on for most of my life, but only regularly within the last six months or so. I'm still finding my little niche, and so I love to experiment with all sorts of topics and forms and styles—except romance. Not a great romance writer. I find darker pieces especially fun to work with.

#3 Have you ever written any poetry?

Take a look around my blog here for the answer to that lol.

#4 Would you prefer getting married to a guy who is fairly good and will probably grow more through marriage, or would you wait until you're thirty-nine to marry the perfect man for you?

I'm all for growth and development, but I'm in no rush to get hitched. Thirty-nine is quite specific, but I think I'd have to go with that one.

#5 What is your dream job and why?

Oh, I have absolutely no idea. Wish I did, but I'm a terrible planner, and I was raised with the mentality that you can achieve pretty much anything if you truly want it. This gives me the sense that all options are possible—I just need to go for it and work at it. Problem is I enjoy a LOT of things, and I couldn't possibly commit to a single one for the rest of my life.

#6 What is your favorite hobby? Pastime?

Besides writing, I'm a huge gamer.

#7 Indiana Jones just asked you to come and help him save the world. What is your reaction and what are you packing for your trip?

Chuck Norris > Indiana Jones. 'Nuff said.

(In other words, I'm drawing a blank on how to answer this question, I'm sorry lol).

#8 Do you keep a journal/diary?

I do. I've been keeping one since I was around.. 7, I think? Not a secret journal, though, just a "daily" record of things that happen in my life, so that I can look back on them in the future. And though I tend to forget to write in it, sometimes for months at a time, I've already filled about four or five notebooks.

#9 Which smell do you prefer, fresh-cut grass or fresh-baked brownies?

Ohh that's a difficult one! As much as I love the scent of fresh-baked brownies, fresh-cut grass doesn't make me hungry every time I smell it.

#10 Have you ever witnessed a tornado? Earthquake?

Luckily, no. Apparently we were very close to one when I was about 2 or 3, but there's no way I remember that.

#11 Which do you wear most of the time, skirts or pants?

Pants. I don't mind skirts, or dresses, unless they're extremely short. But I still prefer pants.

#12 What's your favorite flower?

Hmm... There are so many beautiful types of flowers! A few that I really love are bleeding hearts, morning glories, and orchids (forget-me-nots are great, too).

#13 What color is your bedroom, and do you share it with siblings?

This is a bit more complicated than I feel like explaining right now, but I'll say that I do share a bedroom, however I also spend most of my time outside of it, so it pretty much is just a "bed" room for me lol. Also, it's mostly white and tan.

My Questions For You

Phew. Alright, here's a few questions for you to answer now (borrowing some of Faith's):

1. If you're a writer, what genre do you enjoy writing in the most (e.g. fantasy, dark, romance..)? If you're a reader, which do you enjoy reading the most?

2. Are you more of a night owl or a morning bird?

3. Favorite flower?

4. Let's say you randomly decide to wear a watch. Would you pick a pocket watch or a wristwatch to help you tell the time?

5. Your friend is at work, it's your day off, and it's also lunchtime. Your friend doesn't get to go on lunch break, and calls you to ask if you'd bring food. You'd have to walk an hour to deliver the food. Do you do it?


- Adaline (Silhouette) & Kelsey (Empty Boxes)

These two are just absolutely hilarious. There's no way I couldn't tag them (I know you guys just did a few other tags, so please don't feel rushed or required to do this one!). With enough GIFs to bury the planet, and enough crazy humor to put a smile on even Grumpy Cat's face, Adaline and Kelsey had to be nominated.

Hp is such a sweetheart, and she finds some very touching and inspiring quotes and stories to share with us all—just to make our days a little brighter. Assuming she's up to doing this tag, I would love to read her answers.

- Seema Tabassum (life's hues)

I'm always amazed at how often I see Seema's name pop up in my comment sections. I find it incredibly difficult to comment regularly on blogs—but nearly every new post I publish, here comes Seema with another wonderful little comment! She writes and publishes her own beautiful poetry, and while I'm not sure if she does tags like this, it's here if she wants to participate!

- Neal Kind (Daily Diaries)

Neal is another person who can make you laugh, and cry at the same time. He writes his own little comics, versions of his life, that I think are just very, very well done. I think it would be great to read his response to the Random Words Challenge!

- India / Tudda Pudda (The Tudda Pudda Diaries)

(Again, I know you just did an award, so don't feel rushed or required!). India is such a lovely person who hasn't had the easiest life. She's thoughtful (in all senses of the word), intelligent, and has remained friendly and polite despite her hard times. Not everyone can say that—for example, this guy who walks around my neighborhood and yells at people when they say 'hello'—and it's always great to read her answers to things.

Wow. I'm sorry for the super long post lol. Thanks again Faith!


  1. I am now very determined to meet grumpy cat and attempt to make him smile. xD
    Thank you for tagging me, Eve, hun! I'll try to have this up soon; it looks quite fun! ^-^
    xo Adi

    1. You must do this! Grumpy cat needs your GIFs lol. You're welcome, Adi! I certainly had quite a bit of fun with it. Enjoy. :)

  2. Tudda Pudda is infact really friendly and it is so much fun interacting with her :)
    Seema's blog is the only I don't know among all the one's above.
    Thank you for the nominations and kind words :D :D

    1. From the few comment exchanges we've had, I can tell she is! And you should definitely stop by Seema's little blog there. She does great work, and I'm sure she'd be very appreciative. You're welcome Neal! ^^

  3. OMGosh! I have so many tags to do! It's exciting!

    I'd never heard of Bleeding Heart flowers, they're so cute!
    My eyes literally widened when you said you were a HUGE GAMER.
    WHY AM I JUST NOW HEARING ABOUT THIS?! I FEEL BETRAYED! I'd so love to play something with you, hahaha.

    And I am the same when it comes to what I want to do in the future. Too many talents, so little time. So, I guess the best you can do is make sure to do every little thing that interests you. I think it's awesome to have so many interests and possibilities! But it gets overwhelming.
    After a while, you have no idea where you're supposed to start Sucks.

    And the false fact is................... 3#? I'm having a hard time guessing. Because I don't think you'd hate taking notes, because that's a form of writing-but then again, not all writers love every type of writing. Especially note taking which can be tedious.
    And I can see the spicy food one being true. But, who knows (you) I'll just have to see. :3

    ~ ^___________^

    1. That seems to be how it always goes, isn't it? lol. You get one tag, and they all just start flooding in, one after another. Great thing when you are lacking post ideas!

      Bleeding hearts are such unique little things. Just discovered that there are a bunch of different color variations, too, so I must find some of those! Hahah! Lovvve my video games. What type of games do you play? Do you happen to play World of Warcraft or any Nintendo games?!

      Exactly. It's great to feel that you can go after anything like that, but it does indeed get overwhelming and leads to difficult choices—especially when it comes to college. And I'm slightly confused which fact you meant to pick, because you mentioned that you don't think I'd hate notes, but if you did actually mean #3 ("I have a large group of friends"), then you're absolutely correct! :D I'm one of those people who prefer a few really close friends. Not sure how people manage those large groups!

      I really do hate taking notes, though. It's terrible. I write something down, go back to it later and.. "What in the world does that mean?"

    2. Yeah, I picked #3, hahaha! And yeah college is...special. But cool once you get in there I guess.
      And yup, might need to use the tag escape, 'cause I have idea what to post. xP

      I mostly play ps3 and wii, but don't really have that many games I just play A LOT. I used to LOVE warcraft but don't have a computer to play it on. Have you played any Dynasty Warriors games before? And how about Smash Brothers?

      And same with the notes. :3

    3. Yes, definitely. Biggest problem is figuring out *what* you're going there for! (Well, I guess there's also tuition fees.. those are often problematic, too). And go for the tag escape! lol.

      Awesome! I grew up playing Nintendo, and love our Wii. I haven't played any Dynasty Warriors games, nor any PS3 games, but absolutely love Smash Brothers!

  4. And thank you for the sweet words, Eve! As I've said before (I think) it's so weird to see yourself through someone else's eyes, but really nice. ^_______________^

    1. You're so welcome! It is quite neat when you get to see how others perceive you. :)

  5. Congrats!!! Happy week sweetie~~


  6. Hmmm... considering that you nominated so many blogs I am going to guess that #3 was false. :)

    1. You'd be correct! ^^ Nice job. I so prefer small groups of friends to larger ones.

  7. I guess number 2. :)

    Nice answers!

    1. Not quite! #3 is the false fact. :) I have only a few close friends, who are absolutely wonderful, I might add! Thank you for leaving a comment and taking a guess!

  8. I love this,but i might take some time,please tell me it's okay :)) I like that you think my poems are nice,you're kind....i love your answers,you're witty and the questions are good,you'll get to know me more,do you want to? heehee...i also discovered that we have similar tastes,will stop hete before you get upset lol and i think that you don't like spicy foods...thank you for this and see you around.

    1. No problem at all! There's no rush, take all the time you need.

      Haha thank you very much, and of course, I'd love to get to know you more! Why would I get upset? lol. :) I actually love spicy foods. #3 is the incorrect one - I prefer small groups of people, and a few close friends! Thanks so much for guessing. :)

  9. Awww thank you so much Eve :) You really don't know how much this means to me ommmg! I am so blessed to have a beautiful & amazing blogger Buddy haha :D Thanks a lot! && I will surely take the challenge. Maybe i'll look forward to it during the weekend :) And that simple 3 lines you wrote put a big smile on my face :') And since it's morning time now you clearly made my day :D Hahaa thanks once again beautiful! :)

    1. It's my pleasure to have *you* as a wonderful blogger buddy ^^ During the weekend sounds great. Don't feel rushed, though! Complete it whenever you can. I hope so, I definitely meant every word. :) You're so welcome, Hp! Enjoy.


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