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Confessions of a Reader: A Collaboration With Aneesa (Book Lover)

Good morning, good evening, or good night - although please don't head on off to bed just yet, if it's that time for you (but I suppose if you have to, this post will still be here tomorrow)!

Fellow blogger Aneesa (also known to her readers as Book Lover) and I got together to do a little collaboration, and though life tried to get in the way several times during this process, we're excited to finally have these finished up and ready to go!

There are two parts to this collaboration:
  • Confessions of a Reader: My post here, containing Aneesa's responses.

Be sure to check out both! And of course, please let us know what you thought of them!

I'll hand things over to Aneesa - she'll briefly introduce herself to you, and then we'll dive into the main course. Bon appétit! 😉


Poem: "Jay in Winter" (Haiku)

Image by Dawn Huczek via Flickr (CC)

Jay in Winter
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "The Blooming Hour"

Image by domwlive via Flickr (CC)

The Blooming Hour
By: Eve Estelle