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Have an Idea? Inspire Me!

Hey! I need your help! Yes, you!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been running low on new ideas for poems and stories. I am in dire need of inspiration, and who better to get that from than all of you?

Do you have an awesome idea that you'd love to see written down as a poem or short story? I don't care how big or small or stupid you may think your idea sounds; I want to hear it! You can leave a comment and tell me about it, or, if you'd like to do it anonymously, you can use the form below to submit your idea.


Poem "A Different Father's Day"

CC image by Hindrik Sijens via Flickr; added text.

A Different Father's Day
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Simple Acts of Kindness"

CC image by Jennifer via Flickr

Simple Acts of Kindness
By: Eve Estelle


Very Inspiring Blogger & Beautiful Blogger Awards

Hey, hey! So, I've made pretty good progress fixing things up 'round here, and, though I still have quite a few things to tweak and change, I should be able to start posting new content again. Please do excuse me if it's a little slow, however!

Anyway, what greater way to kick off Edge of Night's new appearance than with some awards? I love these things. Can't help it. But I've been kindly nominated for two of them—the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Quayla, and the Beautiful Blogger Award by Hp20508. A very big thank you to both of these sweet bloggers. Let's get started!

Featured Website Contest: June's Winner

It's time for a new site to be displayed! Featured Website Contest entries have been accepted since May 13th of 2015. Today, all of them were gathered and entered into the generator Random-ize, where one lucky website will be selected as our next winner.

Nicole Rose of Self Known was our previous winner. Who's next?


The New Look

It was about time Edge of Night had a makeover, don't you think?

Yeah. Me too.

I was hesitant, because I can be very picky about this sort of thing. As an example, I've been looking at templates for the last three or four months and never found one that suited me. There were some great ones, but there was always something that ended up being a deal-breaker and that would make me say, "Sigh.. I just don't see this being my blog." There was no way I was going to make some lovely designer put so much effort into a custom design only to have me change it within a few days.

I was tired of being picky, though. I was sure I had looked at nearly every free template out there. So I just said, "You know what, I'm going for it." And whew, am I glad I did!

So. A big, big thank you to Emily from Lynde Avenue for this gorgeous new blog design. Emily is the head designer over at Twenty-One Designs, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. When I filled out the form, I really had no clue what I was looking for in a design. I provided the header you see here, and a few "mood words" like mysterious, edgy, elegant. She hit each of those spot on, and pulled everything together amazingly well. For free, I might add! How nice of these designers to do such beautiful work at no charge.

As much as I loved my previous template, it had some seriously irritating issues when it came to formatting. Fonts and text size had to be manually edited for each post, and could only be certain fonts/sizes. Widgets, too, would be squished and cut off in my sidebar. Not to mention the tiiiiiny little pagebar at the top, of which the size it would not let me change. And of course, it wasn't even unique.

I have a lot of work to do editing each post and page and widget to match this new design. Please bear with me while I do so, and don't be surprised if you come across some funky-looking text. I'll probably not have any new content to post for a little bit, until I make decent progress on this design editing. It'll be fixed soon!

So, what do you think? Do you like the new design?

Thanks again, Emily!


Poem: "Enchanted Woods"

Enchanted Woods
By: Eve Estelle