Poem "A Different Father's Day"

CC image by Hindrik Sijens via Flickr; added text.

A Different Father's Day
By: Eve Estelle

Last year, this day was just like any other;
You wanted no gifts, no special treatment,
Simply love and relaxation.
A day of calm, we'd enjoy it with you -
We would make you cards,
Hug you and thank you;
Small things to show our adoration.

But this year is different -
Tears fall with our smiles.
We can no longer see you,
And we can no longer hug you.
We can't hear you laugh,
We can't see you smile -
It's sad to think,
You've been gone a while.

Despite these things,
I know you're still here;
We can't see you,
But we can still thank you.
We can't hear you,
But we remember your laugh.
It's different now,
But that doesn't mean over.
Thanks for being there for us,
Thanks for being you.
I'll just leave this card here -
Hope you enjoy it, too.

Happy Father's Day.

Author's note: Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there! Sadly I realize that I didn't post anything for Mother's Day back in May, but I hope to do something for that one next year. :)


  1. Wow....that was so beautiful, Eve! You're so talented! <3 I'm sorry about your dad. I will be praying!

    Also, as I didn't get the chance to drop by sooner, I love the new look! It's beautiful! :)

    -Christine from Everything is Blogsome

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! :) Glad you like the new look! It's a bit easier to keep up with, and so much more customizable. Thank you for the prayers. Very sweet of you. :)

  2. Beautifully done, Eve! I nearly cried.
    I take it you've recently lost your father? I don't mean to pry.

    1. Awe thank you, Faith! ^^ You're not prying, don't worry. :) But unfortunately yes, he was ill for a while, and passed back in January. Thanks so much for commenting!

    2. I'm sorry for your loss. My grandfather passed away going on 3 years ago. Your poem made me think of him! :) thank you!
      May I use it in a Father's Day post on my blog?

    3. It's amazing how the time passes, isn't it? I don't know if it's the same for you, but it really doesn't seem like it was already almost six months ago that my dad passed. Let's just hope they're both in much better places now, I suppose.. :) Of course you can! My apologies to you as well, by the way.

    4. http://chosenbythepotter.blogspot.com/2015/06/to-all-great-dads.html

    5. That's such a wonderful Father's Day post! Thank you for sending me the link. :)

  3. Time does pass rather quickly. I know he's in a much better place than this world with all the pain and heartache.



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