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Sing us a song, you're the...

...Piano man...

*Ahem* Sorry. Was gettin' my Billy Joel on for a second there.

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night!

Those of you who've followed me for a while - or that read the welcome message on my sidebar - know that I love to experiment with different ideas and things. Some are cliche, some are strange; some are dark or melancholic, others are silly, bright, and lighthearted. But all are done in good fun.

The sources of inspiration for my poems and stories vary widely, but a number of them have come from songs. Sometimes it'll be the lyrics, sometimes the melody or atmosphere, that all of a sudden switches the lightbulb on in my head and stirs up a thought or those much-needed words. A lot of the time I'll listen to certain instrumental pieces while writing to help keep me on track mood-wise. Point is, music is full of inspiration - but come on now, I don't need to be telling any of you that.


Series: Tips From a Newbie (#4: The Pretty Little Details)

Please note: The formatting in this post is a bit funky at the moment due to a recent font and design change. I'll be going back through all of my older posts to fix this!

These posts were written in celebration of Edge of Night's 1 year blogiversary to share some of what I've learned during my time blogging. While I love to give advice when I can, this isn't my niche and this is not what I usually post. But if you'd like to read more, be sure to check out my other posts in this series!

Perfecting Your Posts
- Managing Your Blog
- Your Sphere
- The Pretty Little Details
- Wrap-Up

The Pretty Little Details

Blog design - it's the first thing visitors to your page will see, and it's the first thing that will determine if they stick around or not. A good-looking page will catch the attention of your new guests, perhaps pique their curiosity a bit, and encourage them to read what you have to say. Your design should show off your unique personality, while remaining easy-on-the-eyes and keeping to the theme of your site.

Just as crucial, if not more, is that a well-designed blog is also as user-friendly as possible and has good functionality. It should be easy to navigate and free of clutter. Allow your readers to transition smoothly from piece to piece, without a thousand distractions and a load time of approximately ten-thousand years.

There's a lot to consider when it comes to your design and layout (with even more to learn). Thankfully you have the Internet at your disposal! There's no lack of resources for you if you need help, and there are tons of amazing ideas out there. You have all you need to make your blog catch and hold your reader's eye. Now you just have to get creative. At the end of this post, I'll provide a few websites for you that I've personally found to be quite useful.


The Get to Know Me Tag

Hey there!

So, I ran across this little tag from Faith at Stories by Firefly called the Get to Know Me Tag, and I thought I'd give it a go! I'm going to try to keep this one short and sweet today, so let's get right into it...


Short Story: Incanter's Library (Companion Story)

"Library" by Peyop on DeviantArt

Incanter's Library 
(Companion story)
By: Eve Estelle