Update (10/20/21): Focusing on other life priorities at the moment! Miss it here dearly. Contact me if you need anything! :) Thank you!


Poem: "Song of Sugar Plums"

Song of Sugar Plums
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "It's Not How We Fall"

It's Not How We Fall
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Mirrors and Echoes"

Mirrors and Echoes
By: Eve Estelle


Literary Book Gifts -- A Special Gift For EoN Readers [Promo Code: 20% Off Anything In Store]

Greetings! Long time no see.

In my previous post celebrating Edge of Night's fourth anniversary, I hinted at a special gift courtesy of Melissa from Literary Book Gifts. Melissa had perfect timing with her offer; I normally don't write posts like these, but it happened to be a really nice, and different, fit as an anniversary gift for you all, and I know plenty of you love brilliant authors like Lewis Carroll, Edgar A. Poe, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen... (Heard enough yet?)

Fourscore and Seven [4] Years Ago... Four Years in the Blogosphere!

Hellooooo, there!

Dear lord, that was a terrible title.

Anywho, October 8th was a special day for Edge of Night; it was the fourth anniversary of its creation, and of my time in the blogging world, at least as the pseudonymous Eve. From 2014 to 2018, we've both come a long way -- in large part due to you.

Beautiful people, you are! Honestly.

I'm going to keep this blogiversary post very short and sweet this time 'round. I always try to get these posts out on the anniversary date, but I'll have to settle with getting it published over the weekend. I don't believe I even have any updates to share! I've pretty much covered them all recently enough that I'd just be repeating myself.

(If you missed 'em, or just want to refresh, below are a few of my biggest, still-relevant update posts. If there's another you'd like, feel free to ask!

Various updates related to me, EoN, and post writing.

Various updates, but of particular relevance still is the Nightfall Poetry Collection one. You can also visit this page to check its status!)

Blogiversary Stats & Gifts

A fun form of recordkeeping, the sharing of blog stats is a common blogiversary tradition -- it makes for a great way to reflect on progress made, and can also serve as a trip down memory lane (I've trimmed it down a bit this year, eliminating some categories I used in previous years).

Let's see where we're at on the road so far, shall we?



Poem: "As the Stars Become My Fountain"

As the Stars Become My Fountain
By: Eve Estelle


100k Q&A - Answers!

Just a little under two weeks ago, I had asked you to submit to me your burning questions for my August 13th - 20th Q&A celebrating 100k pageviews. I apologize for the delay in getting this post out (I thought I'd be able to get it out before the weekend! Oh well), but below you will find my answers to each one. There aren't many, as was expected, but Q&As are always fun -- and they're a great way to celebrate, so I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this as I have!

Beyond that, I'm going to jump right in. Thank you to those who participated & sent me their questions!

Questions are listed in the order they were received.


100,000 Pageviews -- Thank You! | Q&A Session Aug. 13th - 20th

Update (8/26/18): Answers are out! Read 'em here!

Howdy ho! Happy August.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet today -- as you can obviously tell, I've been posting much less frequently as of late, even on my social accounts. I'm still here, still available whenever you have comments or questions or just feel like saying hey, but I've reached the point where I'm not so worried about having a constant stream of content to put out. If I have something to say, I'll say it.

As it has always gone, my posting frequency will go in streaks. But, to be quite honest, this slower pace lets me focus more on quality. Now that I have a decent amount of older content that folks can browse, I believe that's for the better.

But on to the real reason for this post today:

Thanks to each and every one of you, including myself when I forget to hit the "Don't track my pageviews" box or Blogger just decides it's a malfunctioning butt plug, my blog, sometime last week, reached the milestone of over 100,000 views.


Poem: "Asleep By Nature"

Asleep By Nature
By: Eve Estelle


General Updates & A Few Snippets #2

Hey, hey, hey!

Hoo boy. Been a while, hasn't it? If I'm not mistaken, this is one of, if not the, longest periods I've gone without posting anything new (including updates like this one). I'm sorry about that. It's not that I've become disinterested, and I've definitely not abandoned ship -- not at all, in fact. It's not even really about being "too busy," since life is always busy. It's just a particularly bad case of fark-I-can't-finish-anything-I-start.

*chuckles* In other words, the usual.

But this post is here to break the silence! While you might already be caught up on the general updates from my occasional Twitter postings, I'll also be sharing some more behind-the-scenes type previews of several of my current works-in-progress, as well as post ideas I've been considering trying out.

This will be very similar to my last Updates & Snippets post -- with hopefully one or two good tidbits in here to help tide you over during this quiet time!

As always, thank you for bearing with my slow arse.


Poem: "Beyond the Chaos Bend"

Beyond the Chaos Bend
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "At the Root of Nightmares"

At the Root of Nightmares
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Flight of Fortune"

Flight of Fortune
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Dreadbitten"

By: Eve Estelle


The Versatile Blogger & Liebster (#2) Awards

Hey, hey, hey! You have my apologies for the minor post drought the last few weeks -- it's been busy around here! I'm working, albeit slowly, on getting the counterpart piece to "Beyond the Ordered Bend" out (about halfway done), but it'll still be a while yet. I've also been updating some design parts of Edge of Night, such as redoing my category pages and reorganizing posts appropriately. I'm going at a snail's pace here, but feel free at any time to let me know what you think of these changes, and if you have any suggestions!

In the meantime, I have a few tags to do that I've had stashed away for eons: back in 2016, I was kindly tagged by Julia @ The Tree of Books and PoiSonPaiNter @ RandomPoison for the Versatile Blogger and Liebster awards, respectively. This will be the second Liebster Award I've participated in, the first of which can be found here.

Thank you to both of these wonderful bloggers, equally for the thought as well as their patience. I highly encourage anyone who is unfamiliar with them to go and introduce yourselves; Julia and Poison are great additions to make to your reading list, and they're fantastic people to converse with!


Poem: "Beyond the Ordered Bend"

Beyond the Ordered Bend
By: Eve Estelle


Tidings of Spring: A Letter to Myself

The following is a personal letter I've written to myself. This is a new type of post idea I'm trying out; similar to a journal entry, but in letter form. Just to clarify, this is neither a poem nor a short story, but a personal work of nonfiction.

I've provided only enough context, explanatory detail as would be appropriate for an actual letter written to and for myself -- because of that, some parts might be confusing. Names, places, etc., have either been changed or simply redacted (gotta have some fun with it!) for privacy reasons. Basically, this is mostly for me; but perhaps you might enjoy it, too! :)


Tidings of Spring

A Letter to Myself


Poem: "Paradise Blue"

Paradise Blue
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "A Toast To This New Year"

A Toast To This New Year
By: Eve Estelle


A New Year's Thank You #4

Happy New Year!

It's getting about time for me to use a different image for these posts... I never saved a yearless version, like an idiot, and now I can't use Picmonkey without a membership. So. I copy/pasted an 8 onto "2017," and there will be a new one next time lol...

Anyway, can you believe 2017 has come to an end? I never can. Every year I say the same thing, and I never can believe how fast each year goes. And it's only getting worse!

I hope you had a great year. I know I did, despite there being some parts that I, let's just say, could have done without. I hope you have lots of good memories to look back on, and that nothing too nasty ruined it all. Each year has its ups and its downs; but every experience leads you to where you are, and will be. The best advice I can give to anyone struggling after a tough year is just that -- see it all as an experience.

The good, the bad, the simple, the extraordinary; everything that happens to you is now a story you can tell. Learn from it, whatever it is or was, and don't dwell on it for too long. Let it make you better, not worse; let it make you stronger, not weaker; and also, let it show you just how human we all are. Right? We all go through crap. Not one of us gets off scot-free in the end. The only difference, and the only thing that matters, and perhaps the only thing you can change, is how you deal with it.

So make it count. All of it. And don't be hard on yourself when you can't -- it's something to work towards. Just don't stop learning!

...And for god's sake! If you make one resolution this year, forget the promises to exercise more, floss regularly, and those many others that we promise every single year and rarely actually follow through on -- work on those anyway. But tell yourself you're not going to take yourself so seriously.

Allow yourself to see how small much of the day-to-day garbage you face really is. And laugh at it, as best you can. Oh, someone's holding up the line? Yeah, I've got things to do, but I'm just one of a million people in this same situation at this very moment. Ahh, customer called me the scourge of the Earth and hit me with a hat? Hmm, *giggles* what massive bug crawled up their a$$ today?

Over time, let yourself do this. You'll feel so much happier, I promise. I want to give so many more examples of earthly BS you can learn to love, but I need to shut up now and wrap it up. Nobody asked for this.

Basically, it's your choice how you see the year past. There's always going to be negative aspects to it, and always some positive, even if they were such small events you can't remember them. They were there.

Decide what is worth sacrificing your sanity for. Pick your battles, right?

Let the meme wars roll!

Video: "Star Size Comparison 2" via morn1415
^ What I meant by "small." Ran across this a while ago, just thought it was cool!

May 2018 treat you well. Happy New Year, and thank you!