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Poem: "Flight of Fortune"

Flight of Fortune
By: Eve Estelle

Joyous news embraced,
Feathers tickle lightly; laugh,
Butterflies flutter.


Author's note:

This poem has a counterpart! Both pieces stand on their own, but for something a bit darker, see "Dreadbitten."


  1. I particularly liked the contrast between the two poems. Blake's 'Innocence and Experience' comes to mind.

    1. That was a large part of my inspiration for these (and another pair that I'm in the process of finishing), actually! Specifically his pieces "Infant Joy" / "Infant Sorrow." I really liked how Blake executed that contrasting counterpart idea.

      Thanks for the comment, Dave! :)

  2. Wow. So simple yet so deep. I love it :D

    1. Though these aren't strictly haiku poems, they're along that line, and I love how much can be expressed in so short a piece! Glad you liked, Heena! :)

  3. Uuuggh, lend me your skills of choosing pictures that go w/ your writing!! DX This one especially sets the atmosphere for this one, and I love it! <3

    1. Hahah! You're not so bad at it, yourself. ;) Besides, you create a lot of your own! That's on a different level, IMO. Thank you!! :)


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