Nightfall (Poetry Collection)

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Last Updated: December 12, 2018

The Basic Details:

The What (Description): Nightfall is to be a collection of assorted poetry written over a specific period of time (or possibly organized by theme, tone, etc.). As it's still in the planning stages, little is set in stone.

The Who (Author): Authored by yours truly.

The Where & How (Publication Plan, Format): The realm of e-books! We'll have to see if it goes any farther than that. ☺ While my current plan is to publish independently via Smashwords, Amazon, I may go the simpler route of adding a link somewhere on my blog to directly download a PDF version of the book.

The When (Release Date): TBD.

How Much (Price)? The goal is for this book to be 100% free. Some places don't allow permanently free listings (such as Amazon), and so there may be a price tag attached on those specific websites -- whatever their minimum requirement is. If I decide to simply add the downloadable link, it will be free.


Current Status:

Paused / Exploring Options

At this moment in time, I would not be giving you a quality piece of work if I released Nightfall today. As my writing improves, and my pile of "acceptable" poems grows to outweigh my pile of amateurish monstrosities, then I will begin to consider a new release date. In the meantime, I will continue to tweak, perfect, and determine the best route with which to take this (personally) exciting poetry collection.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!



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