"Nightfall" Release Postponed

A good September morning to you!

Most of you are aware by now that I'm working on putting together a poetry collection and plan to independently publish it. If you managed to miss the thousand times I brought this up in various posts and tags, however, or if you're a newcomer here (welcome!), no worries at all - you can catch up on all the details in my cover reveal post.

There were a lot of things that I wanted to mention here, and I'll say a few of them below, but my brain is fried this week, and I didn't like how any of my sentences were coming out. So, I'm just going to cut right to the chase - I'm postponing Nightfall's release date. I just think that it's too early.

I've received a lot of support and encouragement from all of you about this - more than I feel I honestly deserve. In fact, it's due in part to the suggestions made by several of you that such a collection is even on my mind.

But, in true Eve style, I got trigger-happy. And I knew what was going to happen after I posted that announcement back in June. But, I let the excitement get to me and, frankly, I overestimated the number of decent poems I've written. Once I started setting up the layout for Nightfall, specifically the table of contents, and I went through my list - I realized how small it was, and it only got smaller as I thinned out some of the pieces that I felt weren't worthy of inclusion.

Thing is, as much as I want to get this little book out there, quality comes first, and I just don't believe, were I to follow my original plan and publish in October, that I would be giving you a quality piece of work. So I'm putting this endeavor on hold for a little while. As my pile of "acceptable" poems grows to outweigh my pile of amateurish monstrosities, then I will begin to consider a new release date. Until then, I will continue to write, to tweak, and to perfect!

Thank you for all your support - like any aspiring author, I've thought about publishing a book since I was little (who hasn't?), but it was your kind words that kicked me into action here! I sincerely apologize for this postponement. I do, however, believe it's for the best.

I've put together a page that you can visit for all things Nightfall - this includes basic information, current status, and any related posts I've published. This is where you'll want to go when looking for any updates! Click here to check it out.

A Request for Criticism

Now, with all of the above things said, I have one other thing to ask of you.

You all leave me such kind comments on my stories and poetry. I cannot begin to describe my appreciation of your positive words, and I cannot adequately express my gratitude. But I know how it is, sometimes - you might cringe at something, but you want to be nice, so you don't say anything. I'm as guilty of this as anyone.

But I know my work is not perfect. No one's work is. I know there are problems, I know things don't always read well, and, granted we are our own worst critics, but I know you see these things too. That's why I'm here. To improve. To fix some of these problems that I know exist, and to identify the problems I've yet to find. One pair of eyes can only catch so much, so I need your help to catch what I miss. It's a team effort, writing!

I want this blog to be a place where all voices are heard - the negative nancies, the positive petunias, and everyone in between. I want to hear your honest opinions. Just because you speak up doesn't mean I'll change anything, but I value your honest thoughts. If you loved a piece, great - say so. If you didn't love a piece, great - say so. To be successful as a writer, one has to appreciate the criticisms as much as they do the compliments. I mean, if you could give me a bit more to work with than simply, "This sucked. Crumple it up and drown it in the toilet," that would be fantastic, but you know what.. At least I'll get a laugh or two out of that.

In short, if you see something, please feel free to say something. I prepared myself for a lot of negative feedback when I started blogging. It's no secret how utterly ruthless people can be lol. I appreciate your kindness, and I equally appreciate your constructive kindness.


  1. All the best Eve...i know what you mean,please take your time,happy writing...love hugs

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Good luck with your writing; I know Nightfall will turn out lovely <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you so much, Ellie! <3 Good luck to you as well!

  3. Oh well... I am willing to wait. :D Because most of your stuff is any way new to me.
    And as for critiques, those would take time. Your work to me is perfect and has the potential of being in textbooks for people to study and analyse. :) I won't leave any criticism on your older posts as they are already done, but maybe in future ones. :)

    1. It makes my day to hear you say that, Vani. :) I'm not asking for full-on literary critiques (although that would be amazing LOL), but you know, just if anything stands out to you, even if you can't exactly pinpoint what it is that's off about a piece, don't hold back on letting me know about it. And I frequently go back and tweak older posts, so whatever you want to do is perfectly fine! ^^ Like they say, "a writer's work is never finished."

      Thank you again!

    2. Haha I could provide you with that too. (Quite trained in that field).
      But sure, I will go through your older posts sometime to see what I can suggest.
      That statement is so true. :D

    3. Oh, really? How interesting! Thank you, and yes, I agree it is! :) Doesn't matter how good something is, let enough time pass and you'll find a thousand flaws in it.

      I've been meaning to stop by your blog again, also - I'm sorry it hasn't happened! You'll find I'm terrible with that lol. But I will come by next chance I get! :)

    4. Yep! :)
      And that's completely fine! :) If time permits then you can.
      If it's possible, just look around a few of the main posts and tabs and then let me know in one comment what you think. (You can say NO).
      I just need your views. ^_^

    5. Sure, I can do that! No problem. :)

  4. Totally understand that, Eve. :) Blessings on your project; I'm sure it will be fabulous. :D

    I'll remember that about looking for things to mention in critique. Most of your works are perfect! <3

    1. Thank you, Faith! :) I'm going to do my best to make sure that it is! And that's very appreciated!! ^^ Like I said, if you honestly have no complaints/issues/etc., that's great. But I want to hear if you ever do!

  5. Good luck with your book and take your time to get it just right. :D


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