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A New Year's Thank You

It's been a great year. Tough, full of fun, and just outright strange at times, but looking past all of the rough patches, 2014 was a year that I'll look back on and smile.

I enjoy my relative anonymity on the Internet, and so I shall not delve too deeply into my personal life here. Besides, what I really want to say is this:

Thank you!


Poetic Pictures: December 2014

CC image by Grant MacDonald via Flickr

Warmth can be found in even the coldest of situations.



Poem: "Gleam of December"

CC image by Joe Buckingham via Flickr

Gleam of December
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "The World Through Another's Eyes"

CC image by Steve Corey via Flickr

The World Through Another's Eyes
By: Eve Estelle


Featured Website Contest: December's Winner

Last week, the first run of the FWC was announced. One week isn't a very long time to gather entries, but we needed to get our first winning website up and displayed. Normally, these contests will run for an entire month.

But anyway, let's get to the results!


Poem: "Noises in the Dark"

CC image by Luz Adriana Villa via Flickr

Noises in the Dark
By: Eve Estelle


Featured Website Contest: Want Your Website Displayed For a Month?

Featured Website Contest Image

Note: This contest is closed.

Of course you want your website displayed for an entire month. Do I even need to ask that question 

Right. So, juicy details...