Featured Website Contest: Want Your Website Displayed For a Month?

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Note: This contest is closed.

Of course you want your website displayed for an entire month. Do I even need to ask that question 

Right. So, juicy details...

What is the FWC?

The "Featured Website Contest"  is a fairly simple thing, and the goal is to give websites more exposure in an easy, fun way. When you submit an entry, you gain one chance to have your website displayed on a dedicated page for one month. This page will include a photo of your site (to avoid copyright issues, you must provide your own image and, by sending me this image, you give me your consent to use it for display purposes for the month(s) that you are eligible for {See "Contest Rules"}), and a brief description of what your site offers, as well as anything extra you'd like added. 

After your month expires, a new website will be selected and displayed. Your website will then be added to a section named "Previously Featured Websites" as a link. Your image and descriptions are removed when this happens. You may enter the contest every month if you'd like, but you can only enter once per website per month.

Below are the rules of the contest, how to enter, and anything else you may need to know. Please read over these before entering—if you need something clarified or have any questions, feel free to comment below!

General Information

  • This contest runs once per month.
    • Each selected winner's website will be displayed for one month. When a new winner is announced, entries for the next month will be accepted (E.G. When December's winner is chosen, you can then enter the contest for January. One month from the day of December's winner, January's winner will be announced and then you can enter for February. The cycle continues!).
      • With each month, a new contest entry form will be posted. Don't use the previous month's form, or your entry won't be counted!
  • Anyone can enter!
    • Just make sure you understand the contest and its rules. Ask if you have questions!
  • Winners are drawn randomly.
    • When it's time to select a new website, all entries will be gathered and entered into a random generator. For the moment, I will be using Random-ize.

Contest Rules

  • You can enter once per website.
    • You can submit a separate entry for each site you own; however, you cannot do more than one per.
      • You can enter the contest every month, if you'd like!
  • You must provide your own image to go along with your site.
    • This can be anything (E.G. a logo, a screenshot of your header, a picture of the owner, etc.).
      • Make sure you are okay with me using the image. Be aware that by providing the photo you give me your consent to use it for display purposes for the month(s) that you are eligible. 

*How To Enter*

  • Fill out the most recent entry form.
    • This post will be updated with the most recent form. A link to this post will be included every time a new winner is announced.


This contest has been suspended until a later date. Thank you and congrats to all who participated!

When there's a contest in progress, this is where you will submit your entries!


  1. Such a lovely contest! Thank you for hosting it <3
    Have a wonderful day xx
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Aw you're welcome! :) Thanks for your interest, June. Have a great day yourself!


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