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Poem: "Holy Wintertide"

Image by MjZ Photography via Flickr (CC)

Holy Wintertide
By: Eve Estelle


Poetry & Prose General Reader Showcase #2 (Nov. 15, 2017 -- Dec. 6, 2017)

(Season's) Greetings!

We're now coming to the end of the After Party... How sad!! Well, I mean, there's still the Reader Survey that's up and available for any eager feedback sharers, but that isn't very exciting (however, it is super, super helpful, so please, feel free to take it! 😉).

For the last three weeks, you all had the chance to send me your poetry and stories to be shown off in a special, dedicated post as part of my second Poetry & Prose General Reader Showcase (please note that the first had a different title). This event lasted from November 15th, 2017 until December 6th.

As this was a general showcase (no theme), you will find a variety of styles, themes, and voices below. Each has been penned by a different author, each with their own levels of skill and experience. Thank you to these wonderful participants for sending their writings in -- you've all done beautiful work.

The below items are listed in the order they were received. If you didn't get a chance to submit yours, have no fear! While I don't have a date set yet, there will be more opportunities like this in the future!