Post-Blogiversary Events: Poetry & Prose Reader Showcase + Poem Collab + Reader Survey

Howdy! Happy November to you.

October 8, 2017 marked Edge of Night's third anniversary, or blogiversary (if you missed it, check out that post here!). I gave a few general updates, including one on Nightfall, offered to send you all a little thank-you card, and then I left it open to suggestions on how else to celebrate. That's where this post comes in: Welcome to The After Party!

Scheduled events include a new poetry and story reader collaboration, as well as a second kind of little poetry collab, and a fall Reader Survey that will help me see how your experience has been here lately, and if there's anything I can do to make it better. More details on each of these below!

Poetry & Prose General Reader Showcase #2 *CLOSED*
Check the post out here!

If you weren't here for the first go-round or don't remember it, I put one of these out back in 2015 and called it a "reader collaboration," with "Reader Collab: A Collection of Outside Poetry & Prose" being the full post title. It was great fun showing off my fellow writers' works, and this is the same thing -- it just got a name change.

(This is actually something I'd like to offer occasionally. It'd be sweet to try out some different themes once in a while. But it depends on the interest how often they'll come around. If there's a lot of interest, I'll certainly try to put 'em out more than once every couple of years. 😉)

The details:

A writer of poetry and/or stories? Even if you don't typically write such things, this would be the perfect time to give it a go! If you submit your work to me within the next three weeks, I will include it in a special post along with other submissions.

  • Start-End Dates: November 15th, 2017 -- December 6th, 2017.
    • All pieces must be submitted by Dec. 6th!!
  • This is a general showcase. No theme to follow!
  • Submit your work in one of two ways:
      • Emailed works can be sent either as attachments or directly in the email. Please also include information such as: (1) your piece, (2) a name to identify you with, (3) if wanted for credit purposes, one link per author to a website/profile, (4) any author notes you want to be included with the piece.
  • No length limit for poems, but short stories should be a maximum of 1,200 words.
  • Submit pre-written pieces or start fresh!
    • Only one caveat: If you've submitted to my blog before, please avoid duplicates!

Poem Collaboration *CLOSED*
Check out the completed poem here!

I did this thing with a friend one time... He started us off with a line, and from there we both took turns, writing one line each, whatever came to mind. Maybe the end result made sense, maybe it didn't -- we just went with it and had fun.

I thought I'd try something like that here. Who knows what the finished product will be!

Below you'll find a form where you can contribute a single line of poetry. I've given you the first line, now what comes next? I will gather all lines after November 29th and put them together, in the order I received them, and publish the completed poem soon after the deadline. Go on, then -- let's see what we can mash together!

Can't see the form? Click here.

To summarize the important parts to this,
  • Given the first line, write one further line of poetry to add to the poem.
  • Don't stress! No rules beyond that. Let fly whatever comes to mind.
  • All contributions will be gathered up by November 29th, 2017. Posted soon after.
    • Have your line in by then!

Reader Survey *CLOSED*
Thanks for your feedback!

I'm sure this was the part you were all waiting for lol. Hooraaay, another Reader Survey!

These really do help me out a lot, though. I sincerely appreciate the feedback from you, and I want to know what is going well and what isn't. Unfortunately, some things I can't help -- my erratic posting, for one. And some things I may need more specific responses on in order to properly fix them, like navigation issues (I've got categories, labels, widgets, etc., so what might I be missing?).

But every little piece of information helps, and I look over each response carefully to see if and how I could implement suggestions or improve on things. Sometimes nothing comes of it, but don't let that discourage you from sharing your thoughts with me.

So if you find yourself with a spare couple of minutes, please consider taking the below survey and letting me know how things are going!

Can't see the form? Click here.


In other news, lucky me got a Jury summons in the mail the other day, and I've got to report in the week of November 27th. During this time (~Nov. 27 -- Dec. 1), I'm going to be either unavailable to reply to comments & messages, or my responses will be delayed. Either way, I'll get back to you ASAP!

Thank you all! I'm totally looking forward to reading your submissions -- please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or just need something clarified!


  1. Ah yes, surveys. My favorite.

    I will definitely try to submit something to you Eve! I'm setting myself a reminder for your deadline.

    I think my absolute favorite thing about your blog though is how you, idek how, but you somehow motivate me to want to write poetry as well. Your blog is definitely special in that regard and I hope that never changes.


    1. Aren't they just everyone's favorite thing?! lol

      Awesome! Of course no worries if you can't make it this time, but I very much look forward to it if you do. :) You can always submit an old piece, if you have one available & that you haven't sent me in the past!

      I honestly hope that never changes either, 'cause it makes me super happy to know that I might be helping you, and others, to practice more with poetry. Whatever the reason for that, I'm thrilled that it's there.

      Thank you, Kanra! :D Ooo, you changed your blog address -- I'll have to make note of that!

  2. Congratulations dude! I am so happy for your achievement! ^_^
    I wish I could have taken part in that one liner contribution. Silly me! It looked so interesting.

    1. Thank youuu!! :D Ah, no worries -- it'll be back in some form or another!


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