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July 26th - August 26th: CFT Writing Contest & Post Break

Note: This contest has ended. Check the results out here!

Greetings and salutations!

Can you believe that it's already reaching the end of July?? Shnikies. But with the planned (I do want to note that this date is only a goal, not a guarantee) early October release of my poetry collection right around the corner, I need to start putting my time and energy towards updating old poems and getting everything together.

So, from July 26th and until August 26th, I will be taking a post break and won't have anything new to put out aside from any poem rewrites I manage to get done, which I will let you know via my social media. I'll still be around to respond to messages, comments, etc., so feel free to get in touch at anytime!

However, I'm not leaving you with nothing for the next month; I'm also hosting, beginning and ending within the same time period, a new writing contest titled Campfire Tales, and you can find all the details below!


To All Aspiring Writers Still In School

Hey! How's your summer going? Mine has been quite uneventful, and I'm relishing in every quiet, lazy day as I know such things never last forever. (This would be where I give a friendly poke to any of you complaining about boring summers.)

So, I don't post this kind of thing often on my blog here - the rant type of post. But I like to go off track once in a blue moon, and this is something that's actually still relevant to writing. In particular, it's relevant to all of you aspiring writers reading this that are still in school.

There are a couple of things I want to bring up, and to keep this as short as possible, I'm going to just jump right in:

I've seen some bloggers recently who were posting about how their school grades were affecting how they felt about a subject they loved. I frequently see posts talking about how they can't pursue an interest because they can't afford to go to college. I've talked in person to many kids who felt this way, too. I mean, we all have - it's not uncommon. Most of us have probably been these people, or still are. And it's understandable.

But it makes me sad seeing what school does to many kids' passions and interests. And confidence. It makes me sad that, in the age of information, everything still revolves around college, university, and that the majority of people feel that spending thousands of dollars, getting into debt, and earning a degree that guarantees them nothing - that these are the only ways to achieve their goals.


Poem: "Law of the Jungle"

Law of the Jungle
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Troika"

Image via natureworld.ru

By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "The Game of Fate"

The Game of Fate
By: Eve Estelle


The Wisteria Writer Tag

Good morning, afternoon, or night to you! :) Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow readers in the US (belated, but still I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend)!

Allie Taylor from over at The Depth Of My Faith tagged me for The Wisteria Writer Tag. Some of the questions and responses you may remember from my last tag post, but there are a few new ones as well, and Allie always comes up with great questions to ask.

Let's jump right into it!