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Poem: "Memory Lane"

CC image by Noemí Galera via Flickr

Memory Lane
By: Eve Estelle

Walk through the gates,
And travel in time;
A blast from the past,
A park in its prime -
Music plays,
The coaster thunders;
Beneath the sun's rays,
Full of childhood wonders.

Author's note: Originally written July 4, 2015 (just including the date here for my own future reference).

I wrote this last year after visiting an old amusement park in Pennsylvania that my family used to go to every summer. I wanted to add more to it, but could never get the right wording and rhythm, so I've finally just decided to post this.

Most of us have a special place like this that makes us smile just thinking about it - what's yours?


  1. I love this! It's simplicity and the memory. I can feel the amusement park around me. Awesome poem!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Yes, retaining its simplicity was one of my problems whenever I would try to add more to it - everything else always seemed too flowery in comparison and never fit well together. Glad you like this! :)

  2. I like it like this. I understand why you wanted to add more, but I think this is perfect in all its short and sweetness.
    My special place is a small town in California called Novato. I spent my childhood summers there and learnt my first words in English while playing with my friends, who lived there in a beautiful house on a hill with an enormous garden. I still love that place :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Oh wow, how beautiful that sounds, Envy. :) I'd love to visit there myself (who doesn't love a pretty house on a hill with a garden?). That's a great set of memories to have. Do you still get to visit every so often?

      I do agree that the poem is likely better off in this short form. Thank you, and thanks for sharing a bit about your special place!

  3. I love the photo you chose to go with this poem!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I thought it was just perfect! Like 95% of all images I found for amusement parks were Ferris wheels, but this one stood out! It's very well done, and great for a poem about memories!

  4. This poem is really beautiful and I find it very cute at the same time :D I specially love the ending. Great poem :)

  5. This poem makes me feel kinda sad, nostalgic, but happy at the same time. Like you can look back at the past you'll feel sad that it was so long ago and that everything isn't the same anymore, but then you'll feel happy at the same time because you know that it'll be forever in your memories as something happy.

    1. That's actually the perfect way to describe the sort of air this was intended to have! Like, extremely spot on lol. Just like a good memory, it's meant to have that sad, nostalgic, but make-you-smile happy feeling.

      Thanks for stopping by again, seashell. :) Nice to see you around!

  6. Love this poem! The picture you got goes with it perfectly!

    1. I thought so, too! I love the picture! Fits great with the theme of memory. :D Thanks, Erin!


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