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Poem: "The Game of Fate"

The Game of Fate
By: Eve Estelle

We live life,
Are taught its rules,
Learn how to play the king
And how to play the fools;
All the while the clock is ticking,
The best lessons learned too late -
Just out of reach that wisdom lay,
In this weighted game of fate.

Author's note: Don't think this is quite finished, but it's all I've got for now. Will probably come back later and touch it up some more. :)


  1. Hmm...I think this poem could have duel meanings for me. :) Bravo!

    1. Ooo, interesting! :) What sort of meanings?

    2. Well, to me, the poem could have two meanings in this sense. The first being the fact that life is short. We should spend every moment doing what we love, with those we love, and live every day to the fullest.
      And then the second meaning that I see, on a slightly deeper note, is that life doesn't last forever. It's just a season before eternity. The other meaning I read in the poem is that we should be ready for what eternity brings, be sure we'll dwell in heaven forever. :)
      Just my thoughts on the subject. ^_^

    3. How cool! Different interpretations than I had while writing it (although the first one you mentioned shares several common elements with my original thoughts), but I love how many different meanings people get out of some things! :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the last line! It definitely stays with you after you've finished reading.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  3. Ahhhh the rhyming is perfect in this one. What am I saying? Everything is beautiful in this one. <3

  4. I love the play with the kings and fools and time and fate. It has an almost Alice in Wonderland feel to me? Is that weird? With the ticking of the clock and playing a king or playing a fool, and learning lessons. I like it!

    1. Not at all! I can totally see that! Interesting. Hadn't thought of it in an Alice kind of way before. :) Thanks, Ashley! Very glad you like it! :D


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