Update (10/20/21): Focusing on other life priorities at the moment! Miss it here dearly. Contact me if you need anything! :) Thank you!


Come join me on Wattpad, @Eve_Estelle!

Howdy ho, good morning/afternoon/evening/night to you!

If you follow my arse on Twitter, you'll already know about this... However, if you haven't heard it yet, I joined Wattpad, a very well-known and established writing community and platform.

I had been feeling like something new was needed for a while, something to change things up a bit. And I won't lie when I say that even the thought of leaving Blogger for WordPress (or another blog platform) crossed my mind. Briefly. But, after some research, I still favor good ol' Blogger for my needs.

I'm approaching Wattpad a bit differently than previous writing community sites (like AllPoetry or HelloPoetry, both of which I love, but I never kept up with). It'll serve as both a backup, in the case that something were to happen to this blog, its content, or Blogger as a whole (looking at you, Google+), and as an alternative/extra to EoN.

I had originally planned on posting only my "best of" poems and stories, but it felt like chopping off a limb and having to pick which leg I wanted to keep. So I took the easy way out.

At a goal rate of 1-2 (more or less) pieces per week, all of my poems and my stories will go up on Wattpad. That includes the crappy old ones. They'll be given fancy (er, as fancy as I can make 'em, anyhow) new covers, many will include (optional) embedded audio for atmospheric music, and all of them will include Author's Notes with extra info related to each piece, how it fits in, its themes, any dedications, etc.

Very similar to what I do here now, but with all the added skills and knowledge I've gained over these last 4+ years of blogging.

Once I'm caught up and posting current content, I may even do some Wattpad exclusives, considering the entirely new community there.

We'll see how it all pans out. I'm feeling very excited about this. I think it'll be interesting to revisit all these old pieces... And it'll give me a little more piece of mind, that not all of my time and effort has been concentrated into just one spot.

So, if you'd ever like to follow my journey over on Wattpad, you can find me @Eve_Estelle. I've already begun posting, starting with the very first poem I published to Edge of Night: Check it out here.

If you're already a member of the community yourself (whether reader or writer), or you just joined, make sure to share your username with me so I can check you out as well!

Hope to see you there. Thank you! <3


Poem: "Still I Dream of Thee"

Still I Dream of Thee
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Ring Hollow"

Quote by C. Joybell C.

Ring Hollow
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "The Diamond in the Rough"

The Diamond in the Rough
By: Eve Estelle