Update (10/20/21): Focusing on other life priorities at the moment! Miss it here dearly. Contact me if you need anything! :) Thank you!


General Updates & A Few Snippets

Hello there! Ay, it's been too long since I've been able to say that!

How are you? How's life treating you? Go on and tell me something exciting that's happened in your life since we last spoke! Or perhaps something not so exciting. The not-so-exciting moments are as much a part of us as the great and the good.

Back in October I posted a small little update to explain my absence and to provide some idea of what to expect in the near future, and I thought I'd put out another one since it's been more than a month now without a new post. This one, however, includes a bit more information that I hope will take the edge off the long wait.. Or maybe I'll just make it worse, who knows.

This new information, however, includes general updates relating to the blog, as well as a few snippets from some of my current works-in-progress. All of which, I should note, are very early in the process and subject to change. Still - you can see what's been going on, what you can likely expect from me, and all that! Who doesn't enjoy a quick peak behind the curtains, hm?