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Quick Tricks: Working With Syllables in Poetry

Edit (12/6/16): Whoops. In my examples using the word "father," I marked the wrong syllables as stressed/unstressed! Fa- should have a slash, and -ther should have a breve. My bad! ☺

Hey there! Oh, it's been too long. I've really tried my hardest to avoid these post gaps, but I have just had nothing lately. Absolutely nothing in mind. The urge to write is there and stronger than ever, but whew. Creativity has left the building!

It'll come back, though. Eventually. Till then I just ask that you continue bearing with me and my sluggish posting.

But! That brings me to this: I may not be getting posts out as often as I'd like, but I am still writing - and as I recently had to write up a sonnet for a class I'm taking, I felt like sharing with you a little trick that I discovered to be an excellent way to work with meter and the pesky syllables that form it.