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Literary Book Gifts -- A Special Gift For EoN Readers [Promo Code: 20% Off Anything In Store]

Greetings! Long time no see.

In my previous post celebrating Edge of Night's fourth anniversary, I hinted at a special gift courtesy of Melissa from Literary Book Gifts. Melissa had perfect timing with her offer; I normally don't write posts like these, but it happened to be a really nice, and different, fit as an anniversary gift for you all, and I know plenty of you love brilliant authors like Lewis Carroll, Edgar A. Poe, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen... (Heard enough yet?)

Fourscore and Seven [4] Years Ago... Four Years in the Blogosphere!

Hellooooo, there!

Dear lord, that was a terrible title.

Anywho, October 8th was a special day for Edge of Night; it was the fourth anniversary of its creation, and of my time in the blogging world, at least as the pseudonymous Eve. From 2014 to 2018, we've both come a long way -- in large part due to you.

Beautiful people, you are! Honestly.

I'm going to keep this blogiversary post very short and sweet this time 'round. I always try to get these posts out on the anniversary date, but I'll have to settle with getting it published over the weekend. I don't believe I even have any updates to share! I've pretty much covered them all recently enough that I'd just be repeating myself.

(If you missed 'em, or just want to refresh, below are a few of my biggest, still-relevant update posts. If there's another you'd like, feel free to ask!

Various updates related to me, EoN, and post writing.

Various updates, but of particular relevance still is the Nightfall Poetry Collection one. You can also visit this page to check its status!)

Blogiversary Stats & Gifts

A fun form of recordkeeping, the sharing of blog stats is a common blogiversary tradition -- it makes for a great way to reflect on progress made, and can also serve as a trip down memory lane (I've trimmed it down a bit this year, eliminating some categories I used in previous years).

Let's see where we're at on the road so far, shall we?