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Show Off Your Blog!

Edit (5/23/17): My blog buttons page has been renamed "Button Swap" (formerly "Blog Buttons") and can now be found at the end of my About page. Edited this post to reflect the changes.

I love finding great new blogs to read, don't you? Of course you do - just like everyone else. 

I've created a new page specifically to show off others' blog buttons, the images that they've created to represent their blogs. These buttons are easily traded between bloggers so that readers like you can discover new websites simply by looking through a list of clickable buttons. Neat, huh?


Poem: "On The Wings of Freedom"

On The Wings of Freedom
By: Eve Estelle


You Have Not Failed Award

Nominated by KR

Oh boy. So many tags going around these last couple of weeks! I apologize for not posting much other than these tags lately (I think I've gotten, what, one post that wasn't an award or tag up within the last week?), it's been a busy few days. 

But, with that said, we have another new tag that was just introduced to the blogosphere! And, just like all these others, the purpose of this one is really quite sweet. KR from Sweet as a Rose (isn't she?) created this award to help out girls who, for whatever reason, may need a little boost in their confidence, or just to know that they're appreciated, strong, and are just as important as anyone else.. And truly, you are.


Poem: "Remembrance"

CC image by Riccardo Cereser via Flickr

By: Eve Estelle

Stahp Ur Too Sweet for Ur Own Good Award

Ah, Marshall...
Nominated by Kelsey and KR

Edited (11/20/14): Added another nomination by KR.

You've got to love the memes of the Internet. They're just so silly, and even unique—or so unoriginal that it seems unique. Either way, they're good for a laugh. 

Wonderful Kelsey over at Empty Boxes got inspired to create an award of her own, and this is what she came up with. The point of this award is to recognize the amazing bloggers that, quoted straight from Kelsey herself, are "too sweet; whether it's the comments they leave or the things they say in their posts." Well, I like it! It's a great idea. :) She was nice enough to nominate me in her post, and so here we are. KR from the lovely Sweet as a Rose blog also nominated me.


Poem: "Liar's Burden"

CC image by Aktiv Phil via Flickr

Liar's Burden
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Human Spirit"

Image credit: NASA via Flickr

Human Spirit
By: Eve Estelle


Poem: "Song of The Horseman"

From the film "Sleepy Hollow"

Song of the Horseman
By: Eve Estelle