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Poem: "At the Root of Nightmares"

At the Root of Nightmares
By: Eve Estelle

Glean the knowledge from the scene;
A tale written, read before,
Something's wrong, but something more --
Fear the nightmare, fear the dream,
Nothing stops at this machine;

Grasping rule yet leading blind,
Law will bind no bleeding mind
Intent on death, and peddled lines
Stray from course to fell the fruits,
As Red Rum seeps through poisoned roots.

Mockingbird, mockingbird,
Tell me all the things you've heard...
They don't like it, so I like it,
I am like the mockingbird.

Author's note:

I could be opening a big ol' can of worms with this, but it's sort of a writer's job to do that. Writing is many things; one of them being an opportunity to share personal perspectives, and getting people to think. That in mind, I'm going to leave it up to you to figure out certain references, but if you're at all familiar with the recent gun debates in the US, it should be fairly obvious.

No matter which side of the aisle you fall within, I think most of us can agree that each of these deaths have been tragic and unnecessary. This is a difficult subject, in more ways than one, and finding a suitable solution is no easy task. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers. This fundamental point, however, is as good a starting point as any to find them.

All sides have valid points to make. That's why it's such a complicated problem to solve. But discussion is good. Discussion is necessary. As long as we can keep things moderately civil, please feel free to voice your own thoughts, to be as open and honest as you like about this.

Constructive debate is the fuel for forward progress.

In other news: This is a crappy feels-like-a-first-draft piece, and one that touches on controversy. I'm not entirely happy with the flow of it (some parts are just jerky and not worded as well as they could be), and it's a bit... all over the place. Basically, lots of improvements to be made here, some day down the road. But, as I wanted to get this out while it was still hot on others' minds and relevant to recent events, I'm satisfied enough with this version, till whenever I revisit it.

All the best to each of you! 


  1. This couldn't be written in a more perfect way than you did. For such an important subject matter, you did a really great job. This is just so beautiful. What I love the most about your writing is how you write short poems and yet it says a lot of things and you let people think freely.

    Also, you are so right. Discussion is necessary. It really is. The more people understand this, the better.

    1. Thank you. :) I wish I was better at writing longer pieces; that requires a bit more patience and a sharper focus than I can usually manage, however lol. But short poems have their perks, too, and it's really crazy how much can be said in a limited space.

      Agreed, wholeheartedly! Everyone's got their own opinions on these matters; I may not agree with yours, and you may not agree with mine, but through an exchange of ideas a better one might emerge.. Along with some seriously needed mutual understanding!

  2. After rereading the poem upon realizing the inspiration behind it (along w/ seeing the picture), it seems like this poem was written in a POV from a girl who attended one of the schools that were attacked, and is expressing her feelings after the trauma of it all. It's so heartfelt & deep. Beautifully written, Eve! ^.^

    1. That's interesting, Quayla! The speaker here is (obviously) unspecified, and really could be anybody. Could be what you suggest, could be an outsider, could be just simple narration by no one in particular, or me. Up to you how you interpret it. :D

      The final italicized stanza is intended to be a glimpse into the mind/motivations of some attackers, or you could also take it as a general hint of something wrong in society. It is a different POV from the preceding lines, though.

      Thank you so much!! :)


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