Update (10/20/21): Focusing on other life priorities at the moment! Miss it here dearly. Contact me if you need anything! :) Thank you!


Magnificent Seven -- Seven Years of EoN!

...And perhaps the last.

Hm. Too soon to say on that one, but I do feel a major change is approaching!

More on that later...

Hello, hello!! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Especially considering that my last post here was this blog's 6-year anniversary... Bad Eve.

That one was late, too, but at least I did better this time around lol.

I've missed it here, dearly! I have. I still find myself writing every so often, bits and pieces... But I can't quite seem to finish any of them. Even ones that I've had going for years (honestly, especially not those!). I have no lack of material, and finding time to sit awhile and think, or even just a few minutes to jot down a few words here and there -- isn't really an issue. I've been doing plenty of the former, and I think that's where my problem lies; I've been thinking about a lot things, too much. Too much rattling around in there to feel anything concretely, and certainly it leaves me mentally exhausted after a while. I don't want to do anything

Except, I do... And I don't.

It's complicated. And it sucks. Come onnn, figure yourself out. *bonks self on the head* 😏

Life, huh? Now that thing can get complicated.

News & Life Outside of the Blog

I already covered many of my personal updates last year, and they pretty much remain the same. However...
    • I've finally started to pick my violin studies back up, and I first considered starting an entirely new blog devoted to it. I know how much this blog helped me improve my writing, I figured it might do the same there. But it would be a difficult thing to make interesting, even to myself, in these beginning stages. I also wanted to attempt note taking, which failed (blech, notes are hard!). So, I settled for a compromise:
      • Instead of an online blog, I'm using a traditional paper journal & filling it with the brief thoughts, feelings, goals and accomplishments that will make my journey mine, and this I feel is the perfect form of recordkeeping/progress tracking for such a sentimental & nostalgic heart that loves to look back.
      • I think it would be so much fun to be able to play violin as a small, hobbyist side gig of sorts -- festivals, coffee houses, with friends, my SO, special occasions... Ah! I'm considering dance lessons, too. #LindseyStirlingGoals
    • I'm in that mode where you're trying to figure everything out. Everything. I wanna do things. I wanna learn. I wanna do things that are fun, but I also wanna do things that are productive in my life. I also want to be lazy. I don't know where I want to go, but I do know that I want to better myself, for myself, and for those around me. I'm considering getting a place with my boyfriend perhaps in the next year or so, maybe less, and I have many, many things to learn -- but I absolutely want to be a fair and contributing partner, which continually encourages me to do, and to be, better... as it should. He does and intends to do his part; I intend to do mine.
  • So, yes, there's been much on my mind as of late. Too much at times, but lots of good stuff. Letting go of the past that has been so good to me, has always been extremely difficult for me to do... But moving on is a necessary part of life, of growth, and change, and discovering brighter horizons.

  • As far as the blog goes, I still want to write and post things, but I have other directions I need to pull myself in, and will for quite a while. Occasionally I consider starting fresh. Something new, updated, with a more cohesive feel, a place I could finally show some of the people in my personal life, without being so embarrassed about old writings and posts!! lol. I don't know. It's still in my mind, but, for the moment, not a priority.
  • However, if and when I do decide to close the doors here at Edge of Night, I still would really like to have a free, downloadable PDF copy of Nightfall available for anyone who would like it. That is absolutely still the plan, and even if there aren't any new posts up until that point, I won't disappear completely without a word on that. That's been something I have been excited for since I first announced it; it was a goal, and a promise.

Thank you for 7 amazing years.

My favorite number!

I am so thrilled to have made it to seven years. Truly, I am. Never would have thought that little idea I was so hesitant to take up all those years ago would have led me here! I love it. I do. And I can't wait to see where I, and all of you, go next.

Thank you.

P.S. The mobile version of Blogger is just... no. It fecked up the formatting in my post lol.

Also, if you recognized the anniversary photo at the beginning of this post, congrats! And an even bigger thank you is in order, as that means you have been with me quite a long time. Although modified slightly to reflect the current year, the picture is originally from my second blogiversary!

May life treat you well, this year and in the years that follow. ❤

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  1. Good to see you around! I haven't been "here" (blogging/writing/being a creative) much either, so I get that :) All the best!


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