Poem: "No Time to Live"

CC image by Hidde Beekman via Flickr

No Time to Live
By: Eve Estelle

Every day we're reminded of how short our lives are;
So often do we say, "Live life to the fullest"
So, why then, do we drift away so far
And practically live life at its dullest?

There are twenty-four hours in a day,
And three-hundred-sixty-five days in a year;
How many of those would be better just thrown away?
How many were spent with those you hold dear?

Live life to the fullest doesn't mean go skydive from space,
It's a way to say enjoy, don't forget to have fun;
It's a reminder to live life at your pace,
That in this race, you don't need to run.

We work, go to school, we do homework, we sleep;
Perhaps we pick up a book, once or twice a week.
Shirk our duties and high up they'll stack -
It's this strange routine for us that drives,
It's this daily grind that holds us back;
We're left no time to live our lives.


  1. This is amazing!
    It describes how most of us feel so well that it hurts :)
    Brilliant work as always!

    1. Thank you! ^^ I really wanted to make this one as relatable as possible, because we always hear, from nearly every person we speak to, "I have no time to do that." Even just reading a page from a book is difficult for some! I just find that terrible.

  2. It was so cool, i liked it a lot.

    and yes we do own to live life to our fullest.

    1. Thank you, Joselyn! Glad to hear you liked it. :) We should always enjoy our short time on our wonderful little planet. Again, that doesn't mean we need to go all out and skydive out of airplanes or climb the highest mountains. We just need to make more time for ourselves to relax and do what we like to do. :)

  3. So deep, but beautiful! The music REALLY sets the mood, too! Wonderful job! :)

    1. Thank you so very much, Miss LQ! I absolutely love Adrian von Ziegler's music. I thought "Autumn Forest" was just perfect for this blog. So glad you found it fitting! :) Thanks again.

  4. beautiful reminder but needs great effort to take time out,love this as always...but I can't hear any music,maybe because I use a phone not a PC...hope you have days comprising of lazy,long and relaxing afternoons and beautiful sunsets...see ya :)

    1. Exactly, and I wish it wasn't that way. We should all be able to better enjoy the short time we have. Ooh, yes, unfortunately my blog isn't the most mobile-friendly; certain things, such as the music, won't work on that version. Same with fonts. I've noticed the fonts tend to come out strange on mobile.

      Ahh, wouldn't that be just lovely?! lol. Same to you, Seema. Thank you. :)

    2. :) love your blog despite,nevertheless.

  5. I know this feeling, sometimes life feels like a long preparation for something else.



    1. It's an all-too-common feeling, for sure. That's a great way to put it though—a long preparation for something else. Maybe we're getting all of our work done now, so that we can finally have that coveted relaxation time later.. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Avy!

  6. Great Poem! I used to write some before especially when I'm going through some weird things in my life haha anyway your writing style's very honest,relateable and holds a lot of meaning.It's indeed true that we need to stop and smell the roses! enjoy the whole freakin ride! I know the feeling and it's also like one of those what is life moment (at least for me : ))) we do take things for granted sometimes and you'll just find out what it is especially when it's gone which is sad anyway, Follow your bliss! that's what they always say xD

    Also, I love your playlist over here it reminds me of some rpg games I played way back in the day lol

    1. Writing is such a wonderful hobby! I can really appreciate the effort that authors put into their pieces after working with my own. Do you still write much, aside from your reviews?

      Thank you! I tend to write on a variety of topics, many of which aren't personal, so I'm glad that they still come out fairly honest and relatable. And yes! Always stop and smell the roses lol. We all go through that "what is life" moment at some point! Sometimes multiple times, I think. It's a complicated question, and feeling, and I think the answer is a bit different for everyone. We take so many things for granted, and it's very sad when we realize that.

      Indeed, follow your bliss. ;) Nice one. Ahh thank you! I love the two artists I have up there right now. They deserve so much more recognition. Which RPGs? I've always loved games like that lol.

      Thanks so very much for your comment, Kim!


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