Midget Monday #1

Yes, I'm aware that it isn't Monday. I'm not sure whether to call that a blessing or a shame.

But I've been in the mood to write some micro-fiction and micro-poetry lately and, as I've mentioned before in my comments section, I try to avoid posting super duper tiny posts because I feel like I'm shorting you when it comes to content. So, I thought I'd follow the format I've been using for my Poetic Pictures posts, and bring you one micro-poem and one very short story per week, every (you guessed it) Monday. How does that sound?

(Of course, today is an exception because I am a trigger-happy poster and have an extremely difficult time waiting to publish something that I could very well post today.)

So. Without further ado, I present to you: Midget Monday!

Midget Monday #1


Autumn Falls

Autumn falls, and summer leaves;
Winter's breath upon the breeze.



It takes no college degree, no fancy gadgets, to simply pause and observe. Here I see all walks of life; from the man with the briefcase, to the woman in red. The family on vacation, the tourist with the camera. The laughing girls, the playing boys. Frowns and smiles and hidden scars. Black and white, from the world over; they pass by in a sea of humanity, but each with a unique story to tell, and a life to live. Those quick-paced steps, those casual gaits; agitated movements, and worried eyes; places to go, places to be, some just stand and enjoy the day. My presence here is to them as theirs is to me; unknown, unimportant. But each life passing by contributes more than can be seen. For a moment in time, we're all a part of the same picture.


Midget Monday details:
  • Poems and stories will sometimes share a theme, but more often than not they'll just be random, mismatched topics.
  • While there's no strict length limit, typically "micro" stories will be 300 words or less. Micro poems will typically be 6 lines or less.
  • I'll still likely post short poems and stories like these separately, just less often. 
    • Also, I might continue to build upon poems/stories I've used in my Midget Monday posts, and eventually turn them into full-fledged stories or poems.


  1. I love LOVE the autumn poem! It so pithy and the play on words is awesome. :)

    1. That poem came out so well, I agree! It's part of the reason why I wanted to start this weekly post. The words just fell into place for it. Glad you liked it as well! :)

  2. I saw this post's title and got scared I had forgotten what day it was. XD Both the poem and story are lovely, and well expressed! I really like the message message the story.

    1. Ahaha! You're not goin' crazy, don't worry! I can never wait to post things. It makes "saving a post for a busier time" nearly impossible to do lol.

      Thank you! As I said in an above comment, the poem was what made me decide to do this post. I was struggling to come up with a story for it - but I'd been wanting to do a "people watching" poem for a while, with no idea where to start. So I turned that into a story instead. True, too; we're all different, but all part of the same picture. :)


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