A New Year's Thank You #2 (With Gifts!)

Update: As it is now past New Years Day, and none of the spots were claimed, the below giveaway will be postponed and return at a later date. :)

Wow, another year has come and gone. And I swear to you, I can't remember half of this one!

From the very start, 2015 was a life-changing year for me, in some very bad ways and in some not-so-bad ways. I don't know if this caused me to become more aware of others' troubles or what, but this seems to have been a turbulent year for an unusual number of people. Many that I encountered, both online and offline, agreed that this was a challenging year for them. Still, that's life I suppose - nothing is permanent, things change, and things happen. All the time. But no matter how rough that patch you're going through is, it could always be worse. Always.

But enough of that. It's nearly New Years Day, and I just want to say thank you. I say it a bunch, but I mean it every single time. Thank you for all of your visits, your comments, your messages. Thank you for taking a little time, precious time, out of your day to read this. Thank you for your follows, and for your help in growing my little blog here.

There's nothing that will truly show my appreciation. But I do have a small gift for anyone who wants it. It's not much, but it's something.

I love whenever I receive a handwritten letter - there's just something fun, something special about it. So I'd like to do that for a few of you. I would love to write you a brief, personal letter, and perhaps send you a handwritten version of one of my poems. Unfortunately, I have just enough stamps for about three of you. Because of that, I also cannot send mail internationally.

Here are the details, if you're interested:

What you'll receive
  • A personal and handwritten letter.
  • A handwritten version of your favorite poem.
  • One of you will also receive a small, stringed charm designed to be used as a bookmark (pictured below).

Click to enlarge

How to get it
  • Send me an email letting me know your interested!
    • The first 3 eligible emails will receive these gifts. Keep in mind that I will be needing your address to send you anything. This can be a P.O. box, it doesn't matter - just make sure you're okay giving that information. Please do not send me your address until I ask you for it!

  • You must live in the US.
  • You must be one of the first three people to email me.
  • For the charm, you must be the first person to email me.

(Note: If you email me and don't respond within a week, I will have to move on to the next person.)

I hope this sounds fun to you! I sincerely apologize that I can only send these to a few of you. I'm very sad about not being able to send anything to those of you outside of the US as well. However, maybe I'll have another chance to do this again sometime.

It may take me a little while to get the letters sent, so please have patience. :) There's no end date for this; instead the offer simply ends when the three slots are claimed. This post will be updated when that happens to let you know that no more slots are available.

Thank you all once again for another great year! May your 2016 be happy and bright.


  1. This is such a cute idea! I won't be asking for one though because I live in the UK :/
    Happy nearly new year to you, too <3

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

    1. Aww, see I wish I was able to send to you! Oh well. Thank you Hannah, Happy New Year! :)

  2. Cute idea! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :D

    1. I did, thank you! :) Very relaxed and simple. Hope you had a great Christmas as well!

  3. Awww Eve that is such a wonderful idea. I think it is a nice way to thank people. Sadly, I live outside USA so I won't be able to ask for one but those winners will be very Lucky to have one of your personal handwritten letter. I wish you all the best for New Year and hope it showers you with all the happiness you deserve. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Heena! :) I'm glad you like the idea. I'm sad that I can't send you one! I may end up trying this again sometime since I haven't gotten any requests yet. Not so unexpected, really. But I did want to give it a shot. :)

      Happy New Year!

    2. Really? I thought that people would rush out to send you an email. I know I definitely would. It is such a great opportunity to have a cute little letter (specially by you) in the mail which is actually kind of rare these days. Well, I think that you are really creative and courageous to try new things and accept challenges.

    3. Haha! Nah - while of course I hoped for something like that, I understand that many folks don't want to be handing out their addresses to some random blogger. I wouldn't! lol. I know my intentions are good, but they don't, you know? Still, maybe I'll be able to send some out next time. :)

      And yes, exactly. Letters are rare nowadays! Shame, too. There's nothing like a handwritten note!

  4. Happy New Year! This is by far my favorite giveaway idea I've ever encountered. I have no idea why I haven't followed you before, your blog is wonderful.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Oh, thank you, Envy! So happy you like it! I really appreciate the follow as well. ^^ I don't remember if I said this a while back or not, but I absolutely love your new blog design and title. Beautifully done, and very fitting. :)

  5. I wrote an award that posted back to you...https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/blogger-recognition-award-number-4/

    1. Awesome! Thanks for dropping by to let me know about it, Paul. :) Checking out the post now.


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