A Raven's Lullaby: "Creaky Freaky"

Lullaby: Creaky Freaky
By: Eve Estelle

This old house, it keeps creaking,
And it's keeping you from sleeping -
But don't give yourself to fear,
I can tell you nothing's here,
It's just the house settling down to rest.
It may rock to and fro,
But there's something you should know -
You are its honored guest.
Find comfort in its creaking,
Don't let it keep you from your sleeping;
Be safe now in your bed,
And remember what I've said.

Author's note: This was a request by Maria R.; I never thought I'd be writing lullabies on this blog, but Maria asked if I could write up something for her son who is afraid of the creaking noises that their house makes at night (pfft, who isn't? Come on, it can be pretty freaky!). I loved making this - I hope it helps you, Maria!

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