Poem: "Tears of Awakening"

"Make it Rain" by CatherineCruz on DeviantArt

Tears of Awakening
By: Eve Estelle

I live every hour in a drowsy slumber,
My head held low, a silenced hunger;
The sky is a miracle that I've forgotten,
For my gaze is tethered to all that's rotten;
I wander lost, my shoulders ache,
A heavy weight I just can't shake -
Then came the day that changed it all,
Cold rain, cold rain, cold raindrops fall -
They strike, they splash, they wash away
All the troubles that dyed me gray;
Falling tears, these chains they break,
And now, at last, I wake.


  1. With the chains they broke
    Felt the raindrops cold..!!


  2. You need to publish a poetry book!

    1. I would love to someday! :) I actually did have one available a while ago, but I took it down because it was filled with my earliest poems, and I really dislike a lot of them now lol. Maybe I can get another going on some self-publishing site. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  3. Beautiful photo and beautiful words...wow

    1. Isn't that a gorgeous image? I envy the skills of DeviantArt artists! Thank you! :)

  4. Oo That is good. Are you on hellopoetry? Or movellas? Or wattpad?

    A.S. Damea @ www.reviewingdreamer.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! :) I do have an account with Hellopoetry, although I'm not very active. I'm also on AllPoetry.


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