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"The sands of time have run out, Son of Durotan... The cries of war echo upon the winds. The remnants of the past scar the land, which is besieged once again... by conflict."
 -- Medivh, Warcraft III

Hiya! A beautiful good morning, day, or night to you, whenever this post finds its way to your screen. The quote above is totally irrelevant to my post here, but I couldn't contain my excitement when I realized that it's just under a month now until the US release of Warcraft, a movie that I've been dying to see made for nine or ten years. June 10th is premier day, and I'm just sitting here feeling absolutely giddy and terrified at the same time. Although, the director is freaking Duncan Jones (creator of Moon and Source Code), so.. I've a feeling it'll be a marvelous film.

Anyway. Sorry. *cough* Back on track.

Sometime on May 10th, my blog's pageview count hit 30,000. This is another small milestone that I am so grateful to have achieved - and only because of you. All of you. You fantastic people. And I like to celebrate the small things. Because what are big things but a bunch of little tiny steps and goals and achievements?

I hosted a Q&A session back in September of 2015, and it was a ball of fun (albeit a tad messy). I've decided to try out another one - however, there won't be a live Twitter Q&A this time, as I will be out of town for the next week and don't know if I'd be able to make it online for whatever date I would set. So! Here's the plan:

  • Starting today, May 15th, you all have the opportunity to send me your questions either through the form provided below, or through the comments section, or social media. Whichever works best for you!
  • You have until May 24th to submit your questions, which will then be gathered up and answered in a separate post (to be published on the 24th or within a few days of it).

Anything goes for questions! You could ask about something related to writing, or blogging, or life, or you could be totally random and silly - anything!

Like I mentioned above, once the 24th arrives I will gather up the questions and put them into a post where I will answer them. Keep in mind that a question might not be answered if deemed too personal, but I will at least respond to it and say that.

Thank you all again for helping me grow my little blog here. :) I truly do appreciate every visit.

Form for submitting questions:

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  1. Replies
    1. It is, it is! :D I have to thank you for posting yours the other day; helped me make up my mind. :) Thanks so much for your questions as well!

  2. Oh how fun! I don't have any questions, but I look forward to seeing you answer some! 😀

    1. These are always fun to do! :) Can't wait to get the post up around the 24th.

  3. Hahaa I love how you just put that quote out there and randomly start showing your excitement for Warcraft :D That was really cute :P By the way, congrats on your 30 000 pageviews. You clearly deserve it. :) And I totally agree with you on celebrating small things because they are also an achievement. Again congrats for that Eve! :) Omg this Q&A will definitely be awesome because I really love reading your answers. This will be fun :D

    1. I couldn't help it LOL. Thank you so much! :) Exactly, they are. Aw I'm glad you're excited for it! :D I know I am as well! Thank you!

  4. If you could witness one historical event...which one would it be?

  5. I added a question! This is going to be fun. I love Q&A's lol.

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

    1. Got it! :D Aren't Q&As great?? I think they're always a lot of fun.


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