Posting Resumes May 27! + Response to Reader Survey

Well hello! It's fantastic to be back.

It's been a while - just about three days shy of two months, plus all that time before my break where I couldn't get much of anything out. I just want to say thank you again for being patient with me during this time. I'm quite excited to get back into the swing of things, which I'm happy to confirm will be starting back up in a mere couple of days.

These are also the last two days to get your response in for my Reader Survey, also, if you've not done so yet but wish to answer a few brief questions to let me know how things are going. This will close when I officially return on the 27th. I've gotten several wonderful responses, and I thank those of you who have taken the time to send me your feedback!

Now, there is one survey response that I'd like to address, due to it being a fairly common suggestion throughout my blogging years, and it involves posting schedules.

I know this is something that a lot of you would prefer - being able to know when exactly I'd have a new post out, even if I gave you a broader time frame to go by, such as "every weekend," or "every two weeks," rather than having it be erratic and unpredictable like it is now.

In all honesty, I'd prefer this, too - but I've tried to follow schedules before, and it just never worked out well. If it wasn't quality that was sacrificed, it was my energy and enjoyment of the process; and if not those, then... You see where this is going. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to be able to tell you when new posts are to be expected, it's just not possible for the time being. In order to preserve the quality and avoid creative burnouts, as well as to keep any dates I give from becoming meaningless ('cause I guarantee I wouldn't make them half the time), I'll not be adopting a posting schedule other than the one that has worked out decently overall so far - that I hope to have something out every few days to a week.

HOWEVER, I can give you a little heads up when it comes to the following weeks:

  • I will have a new poem out on the 27th.
  • No exact date, but another poem will be out around the 31st.
  • Sometime after June 3rd, I will have a new short story posted, as well as several new poems (no set dates).
  • I also have a couple of tags to finish up. These will be out whenever I finally complete them.

And anything else that finds its way in between those days...

Hope that helps you out some. Maybe some day I'll be up to the challenge of sticking to a schedule - but, to my own sadness, that day is not today! 😉

Enjoy the rest of the week. See you soon!


  1. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! ^_^

    1. Aw thank you! :D I'm looking forward to being back! I've missed posting these last two+ months.

  2. That is awesome Eve, and take your time, your posts are worth to wait for! :D

  3. Yay! Looking forward to seeing your posts :D


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