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Poem: "Smell the Roses" (Acrostic)

Smell the Roses
By: Eve Estelle

the Sun is rising in the east,
a summertime Morning
calling the flowers to Effloresce;
"awake, my Lea, to dawn's warming
eye, its golden Light and
gorgeous sky" -- Timeless,
that Herald of day,
Entwined with life and new
beginnings; bells Ring in
past the hour Of repose,
a gentle Sound beyond the way
to civilization; Echoes fade,
leaving only serene Silence.

Author's note: I love writing acrostics. If you happen to be unfamiliar with them, acrostic poems are poems that have messages hidden among their lines, usually utilizing the first, middle, or end letters in each to spell out a word or a phrase (though they can appear anywhere!). This one is a bit more obvious than my last one, Visionary.

Let me know if you figure it out! :)

On another note, "smell the roses" is part of the idiom "stop and smell the roses," meaning to relax and reflect on the more enjoyable aspects of life that we often ignore, forget, or take for granted.


  1. Such a beautiful poem, Eve. :)
    It took me a while to get the hidden word. I am so dumb.

    1. Ahaha, no, that's good actually. ^^ I want there to be a little work involved! That's half the fun. ;) That it took you a while hopefully means I didn't make it too obvious (like I feared I did). Thank you!

  2. I really liked this! I love how you put a secret message into it :)


    1. Thank you, Indigo! :) Acrostics are so much fun that way. Love finding hidden messages in things!


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