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The Get to Know Me Tag

Hey there!

So, I ran across this little tag from Faith at Stories by Firefly called the Get to Know Me Tag, and I thought I'd give it a go! I'm going to try to keep this one short and sweet today, so let's get right into it...

Vital Stats

Name: Eve Estelle (pen name)

Nicknames: Because Eve is just a pen name that I use for this blog, and I'd prefer to keep my real name to myself, none.

Place of Birth: The Buckeye State and Birthplace of Aviation - Ohio, USA. :)


Best Friends: Two amazing girls who lived a few houses down from me when me and my family moved into our current house over 14 years ago (wow! How time flies!). My third best friend would appear in my life not long after that!

Award: Uhh.. Well, I received the President's Award for Educational Excellence upon my exit from 8th grade.

Sport: Oh man.. What was my first sport.. I want to say it was gymnastics. I took a year or two of lessons for that when I was around 5 or 6.

Real Holiday: That depends on what a "real holiday" is.. lol. I'd say whatever holiday it was that first came around in the year I was born!

Concert: I've only been to a couple of concerts - I believe the first was for The Moody Blues.


Film: I'm so putting in more than one answer for most of the questions in this section. It's nearly impossible to pick just one!

I have many, many favorite movies, and I can never remember their titles when I need them. Some of the more recent ones include The Avengers (and most any other Marvel film), Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, as well as old favorites like Back to The FutureMary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz...

TV Shows: Same problem as above, but some recent loves are: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel's Agents of Shield, Castle, and, you know what, add Lucifer to the list, too. Still deciding how much I like that one, but it's a fun show so far.

Also, Spongebob. Because. That show will never not make me laugh.

Color: Blueee! (Can I just say how beautiful a blue/silver combo is?)

Song: Some recent favorites:
- Anything by The Beatles
- "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry (also, but to a slightly lesser extent, "Dark Horse")
- "My Immortal," "Going Under," "Bring Me to Life," "Everybody's Fool," and "Good Enough" by Evanescence
- "Space Oddity" and "Life On Mars" by David Bowie

Restaurant: Don't think I have an absolute favorite, but Italian restaurants are always amazing.

Books: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (how many times have I put this on my blog now? Oh well. Worth it!).


Feeling: Like it's a bit too sunny outside today, but otherwise fit as a fiddle! (You should have seen the first answer I had for this question.)

Single or Taken: Single and in no hurry to change that.

Eating: Nothing at the moment.

Watching: I loved Faith's answer to this: "I'm watching letters appear on the screen in front me."

Wearing: Clothes.


Want children: ..Possibly. I do, but it's kind of a frightening thought at the moment.

Want to be married: Yes and no. I do hope to someday be with someone I care enough for to want to marry them, but legal marriage carries with it so many potential problems.

Careers in mind: Absolutely no idea! :)

Where do you want to live: Hm.. I'll end up where I end up, I suppose. I don't have any one place I want to go.

Do You Believe In

God: Yes. I'm Christian, but I'm not devoutly religious, and I don't necessarily follow the Bible's idea of God.

Miracles: For sure! So many amazing things happen without any clear explanation. Maybe they're natural, maybe they're the work of the divine, maybe a bit of both - that I don't know, but I definitely believe in miracles.

Love at first sight: Yeah, but the love at first sight that doesn't necessarily mean, "You're my soul mate."

Ghosts: Yes. ;) Though mostly just for fun. However, I have experienced some very, very odd things before, and if ghosts do indeed exist, there's no way my house isn't haunted.

Aliens: When it comes to things like aliens, the supernatural, or the paranormal (like the questions above, for example), I'm very open minded. Suffice it to say I find it very hard to believe that we're alone in this great big universe of ours.

Soul mates: Mmm, I believe in the definition of a soul mate: "A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner; a person perfectly suited to another in temperament; a person with whom one shares the same beliefs and values." That kind of thing.

Heaven: I'm similarly open-minded when it come to religious things, but I do believe in Heaven, yes. :)

Hell: I believe there might be some form of hell, but I'm a tad skeptical of the "fire and brimstone" version.

Kissing on the first date: Nah. If you're gonna do it, make it mean something.

Yourself: Heck yeah! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to complete this tag yourself if you feel up for it, and here's a repeat of the questions you can copy and paste if you do:

Vital Stats
Place of Birth:

Best Friends:
Real Holiday:

TV Shows:

Single or Taken:

Want children:
Want to be married:
Careers in mind:
Where do you want to live:

Do You Believe In
Love at first sight:
Soul mates:
Kissing on the first date:


  1. Oh! I love this tag, perhaps I'll do it. I loved learning more about you!
    POTC YESSSSS. What did you think of the fourth movie? Most fans seem to dislike it but I actually really loved it....oops?
    Lucifer! I've been thinking of trying that. And isn't there also a heaven/hell one starring Jane Lynch? Angel from Hell or something?
    Yes! Legal marriage sounds so inconvenient and hard to get out of. Just considering yourself married would be what I'd like to do, I think.
    I think I'd like to go into experimental horticulture or nutrition.
    "I'm Christian, but I'm not devoutly religious, and I don't necessarily follow the Bible's idea of God." AMEN TO THAT.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I loved some of the questions asked! It's not often that I'll grab a tag I've not actually been tagged to do, but I just had to with this one.

      The fourth film was On Stranger Tides, right? With the Fountain of Youth? I agree - I really liked it as well! I've really enjoyed all POTC movies thus far (how can you not, with Johnny Depp as the marvelous Jack Sparrow?). Quite excited for the new one coming out around 2017. :)

      I've not heard of the one with Jane Lynch, but I would recommend giving Lucifer a shot! It's one of those shows that, at first, kind of feels off and like something is missing - but then it just hits you right and suddenly you're looking up more episodes lol.

      Aye, my parents were never legally married, and that paid off big time multiple times, especially the last couple of years with expensive hospital bills. If they had been legally married, with the shared finances that go with it, we would probably be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt right now. Keep things like that in mind!! Besides, it's the love that counts.

      Oh, neat! Good for you for having an idea of what you might want to do, Ellie. :) Best of luck with that.

      /end wall of text

      Thank you! <3

  2. That was awesome Eve :D I always find your answers enjoyable to read and I love knowing more about you :) Oh btw I always thought that Eve Estelle was your real name x) Although I love it! It is such a beautiful pen name :D It's amazing how you met your best friends living so close to you and since a very long time. ;0 It is also interesting to know that you are a very open minded person for things like aliens and ghosts etc... :D I always enjoy reading your posts :)

    1. I'm glad you do, Hp! :) I always love reading your comments. Ahaha, thank you! I actually kind of regret picking the last name "Estelle," but I'm happy enough with it.

      Yeah, you know, living so close to someone you're bound to run into each other eventually, but the friendships I've been lucky enough to develop make me slightly more of a believer in "fate".. ;) Especially back then, I never initiated conversations.

      I love a good mystery - and what bigger mysteries are there than ghosts, aliens, and all of that?!

      Thanks for the kind words, as always!

  3. Great tag! I LOOOOOOOVE The Dresden Files. Can Peace Talks be out now?!

    1. I hate when I publish a comment and it turns out I don't have time to reply yet lol.

      But right?! I am soo looking forward to it! :D

  4. thank you for doing this tag, Eve!! I'm so sorry for not dropping in with a comment until now. ;) It was neat to learn more about you!!

    1. No problem at all, Faith! On both of those things. :) I had a lot of fun with this!

  5. Me again. ;)

    I'm putting this in a separate comment so that if you don't wish to you don't have to make it public, but I feel like I need to say something. As you may've already knew from my blog, I'm a Christian. And I just wanted to say that God loves you. Very very much. And He wants a personal relationship with you. :)

    1. Great idea there, with the second comment! I've no issue putting it out there, though. :)

      I believe every word of that. :) With respect to your own beliefs, however, I don't follow the word of the Bible. That doesn't mean I don't have a personal relationship with God - granted, mine is different than that of someone who goes to church every Sunday, who prays every night before bed, etc. It doesn't show in my day to day life, but I do have my own relationship with him. And, to me, it's enough that I choose to believe in him. I was raised with the thinking that God just wants you to be the best person that you can be, and that belief is enough.

      More power to folks like yourself who make him a large part of your life, but that's just not me.. :)

      Thank you for your comments, Faith!


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