Poem: "Song of The Horseman"

From the film "Sleepy Hollow"

Song of the Horseman
By: Eve Estelle

The wind whistles in the trees, as their leaves fall onto the dark, silent street...

We've all seen the signs; his time draws near.
The wind howls, the leaves have turned,
Now we only wait;
He comes and goes, but everyone knows,
His intent is always clear.

On one night, and one night only,
A shadow returns from the dark;
Hearken to his ghastly cry,
As he leaves his mounted mark.
He roams the forest, but sometimes he strays -
The townspeople hide, fearing his gaze;
For if you happen upon the Horseman,
Though slim the odds are,
You'll find yourself lost
In a sight so bizarre.

But what happens next? Why be so feared?
No one really knows, they've all disappeared.

..The piercing scream of a horse is heard in the night..

Remember this well:
Set eyes on the Horseman, and say your goodbyes -
No sound is ever heard, except the cries from his steed.
The ghostly mount rears its head high,
Banishing you, with unearthly speed.
His search never ends to find what was taken -
And on this night of All Hallow's Eve,
His search continues, say the forsaken.

Always on this night, when the witching hour arrives,
Send your ghouls and your goblins,
Your ghosts and others,
Send them back to their homes,
Back under the covers.

Author's note: Posted this a bit late. Oh well. Happy Halloween!


  1. This poem-song is amazing Eve!!! I love it; made me shiver it was so good!! =D

    1. Glad you liked it! :D And a big happy birthday to you once again!


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