New! Listen to "Inked Magic"

Hello, hello—this will be a short post, but...

I've exciting news to share with you! My most recent poem—at the time of writing this, at least—"Inked Magic" has been transformed into a beautiful song by the wonderful singer Therese. Therese composed the music used in the song herself, and played a bit with the wording to create this lovely melody.

I have updated the post containing "Inked Magic" to include her song; all you have to do is click "Play" on the little audio strip above the title (do let me know if, for some reason, you can't see this audio player or can't get it to work).

Therese, who goes by Simplelife, also runs a little blog of her own. I'm sure she would be very grateful to you if you dropped by and said hello! You can find her page here at sosupereasy. She also has a Bloglovin' page, if you'd like to stay up-to-date on her work.

Thank you so much, Therese!

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