Poem: "Atypical"

CC image by Zach Stern via Flickr

By: Eve Estelle

Standing in a room,
You feel so out of place;
Their disfavor is evident,
But their silence you embrace.
Stray far from their sight -
Their thoughts so malevolent -
Keep to yourself,
Your presence is irrelevant.

Why do we fear
That which is different?
What exactly causes us
To be so belligerent?

Pay no mind to those arrogant souls,
Their snide remarks hold no sway;
Be yourself, be strong and have courage,
And don't be afraid to live life your way.


  1. psh...don't worry about the rhyme, it sounds amazing!
    I really related to this..... It takes courage to stand up and be yourself.


    1. Awe, well thank you, Autumn! Yes, it really does. Everyone wants to fit in, but sometimes "fitting in" causes you to become someone you're not. Just be yourself, and you'll find the people who you really fit in with!

  2. Beautiful. Captivating.

  3. The story of my life :) love your post,relate to it immensely,i like the fact that i'm different,ain't that a good thing,i encourage different :)

    1. Oh for sure, it's a great thing! Difference makes the world go 'round in my eyes, lol. How boring this place would be if we were all the same. I have major respect for anyone who is able to live their life true to themselves.

  4. Deep poem! LOVE it! Got yourself a new fan! Keep it up! ;)

    1. I really appreciate that, Miss LQ! So glad you liked it! ^^


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