Poem: "Swept Away"

CC image by Om via Flickr

Swept Away
By: Eve Estelle

Calm your mind, lend your ears
As you walk along these ocean piers;
Listen close, the gentle songs
Shall rid you of those useless fears.

Skies of red, skies of gold;
Hear the sounds of tales untold;
Free your mind, put down your walls,
There's much to learn when the ocean calls..

Now listen,
Listen to the swish of waves,
And the soothing winds;
Listen to the creaks of wood,
And feel the power that never dims.

Back on the shore,
Walk along the sands;
Between your toes,
Flowing through your hands.
Let these sounds of tranquility
Sweep you away,
Reminisce about old times,
Times behind today.

Listen to these ocean waves,
And at last turn your eyes to the sky;
Look upon its golden gaze,
And say yet another goodbye.


  1. Wow this is very beautiful I don't really understand poetry much but I loved what I just read :D

    1. Poetry can be extremely difficult to understand lol. I've noticed I understand it better after working with it, but even then there's many that I just don't ever seem to get. I do enjoy the freedom poetry gives, though; you can mess with words in nearly any way you like!

      Thank you, Neal!

  2. This was.... just wow. It makes me want to go to the beach but there isn't one where I live, which is highly depressing. But I have this poem to think of now. Beautiful

    1. Ah, oh no! I live by a lake, not an ocean, but I would have a hard time living away from it, I think. So pretty and relaxing. Wish I could send you a beach-in-a-bottle or something lol!

      Thank you very much though, Stella. So happy to hear you liked the poem!


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