Poem: "Dark Heart"

This moment is eternity by endlessnight-m on DeviantArt

Dark Heart
By: Eve Estelle

Dreams of I,
Dreams of you,
And dreams of the child that I once knew.
This world of mine, a lovely place;
A world that sorrow shall not deface.
Laughter bounds off the walls of memory,
Smiles bring light to innocent eyes;
Away from all the pointless enmity,
Again I can gaze at those carefree skies..

But awakened once more, pulled away,
I'm reminded here that I cannot stay;
Picture perfect skies of blue,
Oh how I wish those lies were true.

Turned to stone has my beating heart,
Darkened by life's dour days;
Then and now, we're world's apart;
You'd never know this hardened gaze.


  1. That's the story of my life or everybody's I guess,sad but true.I do relate to most of your poems and this one's beautiful too,profound and honest.

    1. Very sad, but very true. Things happen to all of us, and sooner or later life can really get to you. While I'm not happy that you can relate to my more sad poems, I am happy that you enjoy them. I really appreciate all of your comments, too. :)

  2. This one is just sad.Sad and so true we all leave behind that child behind somewhere while growing up D: >.<"

    1. Yeah, we do, unfortunately! I wish it wasn't that way. But life is hard, and it changes us. Sometimes for the better, though!

  3. Yes, I follow you on gfc #53, follow back?


    1. Hey, Tijana. Sure, I'll return the favor. Thanks for the follow. :)

  4. I like this picture

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    1. It's a very interesting picture, I agree. I'd love to follow each other, and have liked your page on Facebook as well as joined your blog. Thanks for the comment, Suvarna. :)


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