Poem: "Into the Mist"

CC image by Kasia via Flickr

Into the Mist
By: Eve Estelle

Feel the sense of dread that hangs in the air,
As this veiling haze looms ahead;
Behind lies clarity and days of ease,
In front lay uncertainty and the chance to achieve.
Stand before this untrodden path,
Do you dare to believe?

Push aside your trembling fear,
Stare boldly into the concealing haze;
Imagine just what lies beyond,
The past is gone - no more delays,
Take the risk,
And step into the mist.


  1. Inspiring words Eve,I like how you used the mist here,synonymous with hurdles.Have a sunny day :)

    1. Yes! My main idea with this one was the hurdle of not knowing what comes next. For example, the choice between a life-changing opportunity versus the option to stay in your comfort zone where things are easier. Thank you as always, Seema! :)

    2. Oh you're welcome,this one for esp.for me,I need to push myself,through the mist,out of it....thank you. :)

    3. You can do it! ^^ I can tell you're a very strong person from your words.

    4. I think that too,life has made me strong but I'm always unwilling to accept change,i need to change that about myself...thank you Eve :)


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