Poem: "Labyrinth"

Image by hotblack via Morguefile

By: Eve Estelle

Walls, they surround me;
Tall as towers, they blind me;
Playful shadows, enclosed by stone,
I've found no one else - am I alone?

Daylight shines, and yet darkness descends;
This place is wrong, I don't know if it ends.
An unearthly air envelops this place,
With silent power, these grounds are laced;
The winds blow low over groaning stones,
From which are heard these eerie tones.

This place is strange, it shouldn't exist;
Reverse my decisions, it seems to insist.
I'm bound inside by ancient walls,
Movement forward it tries to stall;
I've seen this path, I've gone down it before;
But back I am, to go down it once more...

Author's note: Try listening to this alongside of the poem: The Eternal Forest (Brunuhville)


  1. This one seems really mysterious :D

    1. Woohoo, that was the vibe I was going for! lol ^^

  2. Wow. This is a beautiful poem and the music is amazing too and fits it exactly! I love your use of rhyme, whenever I try to rhyme my poems always sound really childish but this is really well done. You're clearly a great writer! :) xx

    1. Thank you very much, Fionnula! I thought the music was beautifully eerie. Rhyming can be difficult. You've got to find words that fit your piece, that don't interrupt the flow, but you've also got to find words that convey the right message. It's quite hard sometimes to actually say what you want to say in a poetic work. I have that problem in everyday speech, but it's twice as bad in poetry LOL.

      Honestly, you get points for simply attempting it. Childish-sounding or not. You'll find ways that work for you, if you keep experimenting with it. If you'd ever like some help, I'm far from an expert, but I'd be glad to help in any way that I can!

  3. We all feel this way I guess,at some point in our lives we go down that road which we are not supposed to,roads that lead nowhere.

    1. Ohh yes.. Nearly everyone does. I'll admit that this poem was simply a neat idea I thought would be fun to try—no specific message in it, but that is a great interpretation of it.

    2. Glad that you like my interpretation of your poem and yes my poems sound childish too when read...heehee ...not everyone is gifted i guess,have a nice evening :)

    3. Your poems sound great, Seema! Speaking of which, I commented on "My Resolution" a few days ago, but I didn't realize you had written it much earlier lol. Sorry about that, for some reason that was the newest one showing in my feed. You have a wonderful evening as well. :)


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