Poem: "Thorns of a Rose"

CC image by Zahira via Flickr

Thorns of a Rose
By: Eve Estelle

Beautiful as day,
As alluring as the night;
Be entranced by its aroma,
This dazzling delight.
Such vibrant hues, they draw you in;
But you should be wary, of the teeth within.

Hidden behind beauty's veil,
Kept contained by a gentle warmth,
Is the power to fight tooth and nail -
To survive the storm and gusty gale;
So should you happen upon this flame,
Keep in mind for those adorned,
You must be careful with your chosen game,
For every rose has its thorns.


  1. Wow, nice poem, Eve! Thanks for sharing. You did a super nice job on the blog layout, I'm fear that mine doesn't look this good! haha.
    Happy blogging!

    1. Thank you so much, Alisha! Nah, yours is fine. While I love my template here, it has a few issues and doesn't work with the Blogger template designer. A simple design like yours is so much easier to manage!

      Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

  2. It's true,all beautiful things have flaws,nothing's perfect and that's a good thing right? The rose in the image is beautiful.

    1. Exactly. Most definitely a good thing. How boring would the world be if everything and everyone was perfect? I love some of the images of roses that are out there. Zahira, the photographer who took this one, did a fantastic job.

  3. Beautiful poem!

    -Kathie K

  4. Not a lot of people appreciate the rose for it's thorns they're always writing how red and beautiful it is and that is why your poem is so different and amazing.I like it :D

    1. Yes, exactly! There's so much more to pretty things like the rose than just good looks. Thanks so much, Neal!

  5. Another beautiful piece Eve!:) Sums up a great deal of my thoughts these days!

    1. Thank you! ^^ Can never go wrong with a rose poem lol.


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